It’s that time of year again, to dust off the denim vest and white sailor cap to join the Turbojugend at Studentersamfundet 16 February. Whenever the punk legends Turbonegro come to town, it is always an event to remember.

The legend of Turbonegro stretches back to the close of the 1980’s. But the past couple of years have seen the band back in the saddle, crisscrossing the globe to the delight of new and old fans; played at packed venues from LA to Ålesund, Melbourne to Manchester and every point in between. Their music is a combination of every strain of punk rock to create a heady mixture of what they call “deathpunk”.

Storsalen just might be big enough to contain Turbonegro’s, and the crowds, energy during this highlight concert. Be prepared for a raucous evening as the performances on stage and off tend to be spectacular. 

Date: 16 February
Locations: Studenter Samfundet
Time: 22:00
Price: 270-330 NOK

Extra Information: https://www.samfundet.no/arrangement/1330-turbonegro

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