Trondheim Easter Egg Hunt

Last year we wrote up ten different ideas for what to do during the Easter holidays–a sort of activity easter egg hunt. Are you up for the hunt this year? Here are five to get you started.

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Words by Tijana Ostojic

First swim of the year

Photo: Todd Quackenbush

If this Easter you are in the company of kids, or even if you are not, how about you finally make that swimming trip you have been planning for a long while now?

The ten-meter dive in Pirbadet sure sounds impressive if you are brave enough to jump, but would you dare jump in the fjord and initiate the beginning of the swimming season?

Here at the List, we hope you would, so we suggest Sjøbadet. Right in the heart of Trondheim, Sjøbadet is a facility equipped with warm showers you might wish for once you give a spring fjord swimming a go. Needless to say, swimming in the fjord does give you bragging rights.

Check out the Library

You might be wondering why we are stopping at the library, but here’s why.

Can you imagine yourself snuggled up on the sofa with a crime novel in your hands? It might be snowing outside, or perhaps not, but you are not aware of it since you are racing through the pages of your book, eager to find out what will happen next.

Norwegian Easter – Crime phenomenon (påskekrim) began in 1923 by the Gyldendal Publishing House which published an ad in the newspapers that at first glance looked like a regular news bulletin. The entry read “The Bergen Train Robbed Last Night”, promoting a crime novel written by Nordahl Grieg and Nils Lie.

The book was a success, and in the years that followed Easter time became synonymous with the peak season for crime literature.

So, why not snuggle up on your sofa and read a crime novel or two while you are waiting for your Easter leg of lamb to roast in the oven? Have a cup of tea or a glass of wine and enjoy a good book.

If you are searching for a place to escape your couch, let us say a place that also serves great coffee, delicious food and has an abundance of books to choose from, give Sellanraa Bok & Bar’s couch a try – you’ll hardly regret it.

Vasfjellet or cross-country skiing




Photo: Anders Kallerud

A farewell to ski season is upon us. Therefore, if the weather allows it, make an effort and go for one last downhill ski trip to Vasfjellet. The sun is finally shining and the idea of some last few turns in this season is tempting, is it not?

You might know by now that cross-country skiing, like the crime novel, is also synonymous with Easter. So, make sure you have packed a few oranges (said to represent the Sun) and KvikkLunsj, as these are the trademarks of an Easter ski trip.

The story goes that a long time ago, Johan Throne Holst, the founder of Freia, went hiking with a colleague one day. Somewhere along the way, they got lost, and the colleague scolded Mr. Holst, who for the very first time had forgotten to bring chocolate on the trip. It is no wonder the KvikkLunsj wrapper displays hiking routes now. So, why don’t you pick up a bar or two and choose from many hiking/trekking/possibly skiing routes they suggest?

After all, you remember that time when you went hiking/trekking/skiing and have forgotten to bring few bars of KvikkLunsj with you? Yeah, neither do we.

Cycling along Skansen and Ladestien

Photo: Nikol Herec

The time has finally come when those who do not dare to cycle throughout the winter to dust the cobwebs off their bikes. With that said; it is a great time to hop on a bike and go for a ride along Skansen and Ladestien. Along the way, you could stop by Lille Skansen, Ladekaia or Sponhuset for a drink or a quick bite.

Don’t own a bike? Well, then we recommend a long, rewarding walk along these trails by the sea.

Learn something at Vitensenteret


Photo: Wil Lee-Wright Photography

Vitensenteret is an attractive place for all those who love the wonders of science. Whether you are an adult or a kid, adventure and fun are guaranteed. Besides exciting exhibitions, there are several activities that children are sure to enjoy. Fancy building a ballong bil (we will not tell you what it is, you’ll have to check it out yourself), making a vitamin C rocket, casting pewter figurines, or driving Orbitron?

This is where our ‘Trondheim egg hunt’ ends. The city is stunning during the Easter time too, is it not?

But, if this year you have decided to go on a little adventure somewhere outside the Trondheim’s region, why not rent a cabin with few friends? Don’t forget to bring your skis, a crime novel, Kvikklunsj and good mood along!

Tak for turen!

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