The List’s List: Norwegian Horror Films

With the Norwegian horror festival Ramaskrik starting up today and Halloween quickly approaching, we at The List thought this might be a good time to add something to the holiday fervor. So, without further ado here is our list of the best Norwegian horror films to scare yourself with on these cold October nights.

De Dødes Tjern / Lake of the Dead

An oldie, but a goldie. This film from 1958 is considered to be a classic in the Norwegian film industry, The story follows a group of teenagers doing one of the most Norwegian things possible, taking a trip to a cabin. Sounds peaceful, that is until the screams of a crazy man can be heard coming from the nearby lake.

Naboer / Next Door

This psychological thriller follows the post-breakup terror of the protagonist, John. His two female neighbors heard the less than amicable breakup through the walls and invite John into their flat to help console him. From there it is all sex, violence and psychosis – what more could you want for a down and dirty late night horror movie? This film is not for the faint of heart and rightly so, carries an 18+ rating. 

Fritt Vilt / Cold Prey

This film follows a group of friends on their backcountry snowboarding adventure near Jotunheimen. After a rather predictable accident one member of the group breaks his leg and the friends are forced to seek refuge in an abandoned alpine hotel, and of course there is someone else there. For classic horror fans, this film has a few nods to The Shining – see if you can spot them!  


A new reality TV Show is on tap, and the crew decides to take a preparatory trip before they begin filming; the trip comes with a strict no cellphone policy. And can you believe it, its a trip to a cabin isolated deep in the woods. When a few members of the group stumble upon a dead body in the woods they believe they are just being tested, and decide against telling the others. But soon some weird and unnerving incidences occur and lead to paranoia, accusations, and mistrust among the crew.


A new release Hjemsøkt follows our main character Catherine, played by Synnøve Macody Lund. When her father dies, Cathrine inherits the old family estate and travels alone to childhood funnels to sell the property and move on. Soon she realizes the house is holding its share dark secrets. She’s not alone, and what’s waiting for her behind the doors she can’t escape from. Check this one out on the screen at Ramaskrik!

Necessary Mentions

There are few Norwegian films as popular as the two Død Snø / Dead Snow films and Trollhunter. But you can’t have a list of Norwegian horror movies without at least mentioning them. So here they are! If you haven’t seen them, check em’ out (who doesn’t love a good nazi zombie movie?). If you have seen them, perhaps its time for another watch.