The List is busy going to concerts

The List couldn’t decide what to prioritize in the end of last week so here they come – two reviews for today’s blog! Sivert Høyem and Jenny Kval recently performed for Trondheim’s audience. Quick reflection… these are only two events that took place in Trondheim last week, two out of many more. God, we love this place.dsc_5273Winter has come to Trondheim on Thursday, and so did Sivert Høyem. A famous vocalist of Madrugada, together with musicians from basically all over Norway made Byscenen packed for three evenings in a row last week. Starting from Wednesday, the charming city stage was taken over by gloomy, progressive and sophisticated rock performed by one of, in my opinion, Norway’s best singers.dsc_5168-1I have never been to a concert that actually starts one minute earlier than scheduled – huge respect for that! Byscenen got packed and I was a bit surprised to see people relaxing, jiggling and sipping drinks in the middle of the week. How cool is that! We should go to concerts much more often during a week as we can taste the weekend earlier than it actually comes. Short reset, moment of relaxation and indulgence in music will make you relaxed and ready to work the next day (especially if there are no delays as it was in Byscenen).dsc_5232Sivert was visibly pleased with the audience and happy to perform songs from his last album Lioness. I like the manner he performs, you can really feel the confidence of him. Sivert invites you to join a concert as he talks to the audience and is proud to be where he is, proud of his music he wants to share with the audience. dsc_5204-1dsc_5256 dsc_5270
Saturday’s night at newly opened Kunsthall Trondheim, in turn, was full of eager awaiting, as Norwegian singer-songwriter and, to put it shortly, conceptual artist Jenny Hval was about to present her new album Blood Bitch.
dsc_7299 The layers of carefully arranged sound, poetry, and performance and noise cracked. The show, prepared together with Jenny‘s collaborator and musician Lasse Marhaug, soon took over the audience and space. dsc_7312-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_pl

dsc_7314-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_plThe artist in her new album is inspired by menstrual blood and thus also gender divisions, and playfully mix it with vampire movie esthetics. On a small stage, Jenny created an intimate space, both using objects to make sounds and her body to communicate, verbally and aesthetically.dsc_7306-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_pl-1In connection with the current exhibition neon signs saying “strangers everywhere “ in several languages, the atmosphere in Kunsthall Trondheim was dreamy and layered, making the audience a part of the movie Jenny Hval created on the stage. On the top of it, she warmed their hearts by using some trøndersk sentences.dsc_7310-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_pl

Photos by Donn Morrison (Jenny Kval) and Nikol Herec (Sivert Høyem)
Words by Zane Datava (Jenny Kval) and Kasia Gąsiorek (Sivert Høyem)