That controversial church

The List has been curious how celebration is approached in Vår Frue Kirke, a church open to people of all backgrounds and beliefs, a church where secularism meets piety, believers meet atheists, and priests are not new to controversy. We asked our contributor, Sadique Ndamwe to investigate the topic – you can find the outcome of his work in an inspiring profile interview in The List, issue 13.

Vår Frue Kirke stands for Our Lady’s Church in English. It is perhaps the second most famous church in Trondheim, just after Nidarosdomen, and another inspiring place on the Trondheim’s map. So is the interview with Siv Limstrand conducted by Sadique in the last issue of The List.nikol_herec1-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_pl
Siv supports the idea of an open church and emphasizes that Vår Frue Kirke is open to anyone, no matter their religion, background nor status. She points out that what is important is to gather and help each other.nikol_herec6-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_pl If you want to learn what an open church is all about, go, grab a copy, find a peaceful place and indulge in a great piece of writing by Sadique Ndamwe.

Photos by Nikol Herec
Words by Kasia Gasiorek