Saturday 12th March – Culinary Cinema

The weekend is here and it is prime time to see some awesome Kosmorama films before the festival ends tomorrow! My film weekend, however, started early with yesterday evening’s showing of Bottle Shock as a part of Kosmorama’s culinary cinema event. The night started off with a presentation about the wine regions of California, the different grapes that are grown in each region and info about what makes the area truly unique from a vineyard perspective, which put California on the wine map alongside wine superstars like France. Following the learning session, we all got the chance to taste three very different wines that come from some of the California regions. You know what they say…tasting is learning! Or maybe that’s just me. Either way, it was a delicious start.


Named the official selection at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival, the movie itself was a true gem, filled with smartly-timed humor and good feels. The film was fun and sassy, but my absolute favorite part was the atmosphere in the theater. People collectively laughed out loud at the clever puns on-screen, and the whole room was just energetic and wholeheartedly enjoying themselves. I haven’t had that kind of movie-going experience in a long time, and it reminded me of how movie watching can be such a communal experience.


As for today, it’s another exciting day with tons to do! In case you missed the 2001: A Space Odyssey showing yesterday, you can still catch the photographic film-effect advisor from the movie, Douglas Trumball, as he serves as one of the keynote speakers at today’s Meta.Morf activities. In addition, be sure not to miss the 2016 Kosmorama closing film, Eddie the Eagle, for which I’ve been hearing a lot of positive buzz. I can’t believe the week is almost coming to a close, so be sure to get out there and have some fun at Kosmorama! We certainly have had an amazing time so far!