Rockheim, David Bowie and pent Trøndersk

A short citation from the lecturer Torgrim Eggen „Trøndersk er pent” pretty much describes last Friday night at Rockheim. Eggen, when asked in trøndersk by a lady from the audience didn’t need a translation. Neither needs it music, does it? Although my proficiency in Norwegian is rather limited or not existing, I very much enjoyed a musical lecture on David Bowie in Rockheim.rocI like the place itself. Rockheim, the national museum for popular music, lies just by the fjord in modern, fancy building that reminds me of another museum, back in my home country. Pleasant atmosphere, great initiatives, and wonderful music – that’s all I need when the week is over and I can relax with a sweet thought of a weekend in my mind.dsc_2753Eggen is a great speaker, who delivered a full of passion musical lecture about Bowie’s Berlin period. Jiggling around, he spoke about Bowie’s inspirations, problems and roots of his music, played songs and had a great time with the audience.dsc_2759-4
Photos by Nikol Herec
Words by Kasia Gąsiorek