Pstereo 2016 – day three

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The curtain came down on Pstereo after a full three days with luminous sunshine and left most of the town in a blissful hung-over state. The List was present throughout the festival, though by day three we were getting a bit knackered… So when The Lumineers showed up with too complicated restrictions for our photographer he decided to give it a miss. You got a photo of the bar though didn’t you Andy!? 😉

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The free event Familiekonsterten during daytime Saturday is an annual event appreciated by many. It gives the young families of Trondheim the opportunity to partake in the festival, offspring in tow! Yeah, it’s not the same as actually being child-free and drinking beer throughout the evening, but for a couple of blissful hours it feels like you’re in a European town (the weather helped!). Since this is a family friendly event, it came as somewhat of a shock when Daniel Kvammen asked everyone to sing along to his chorus on Karmafae. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone being able to get all the adults at a concert shut up and look at each-other – is he actually just singing “Faen Ta” time and time again? The answer is yes – perhaps not the best choice of song for a child-friendly event…
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Astri S put on a great concert, and had the crowd happily swaying along.

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We do have a photo of the lovely The Lumineers banner, sorry we couldn’t do much more than that. But we can however tell you that the show was pretty magical; serene and lovely, and when Wesley Schultz jumped off stage and came singing through the crowd it wasn’t far off one of those scenes when girls start taking their panties off and throwing them at him. That guy’s definitively got the charms and the makings of a singer-songwriter to go down in history.

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Dumdumboys put on a nice show and for the first time in their career dedicated a whole set to just one album, from back-to-back they played songs from their 1990 album “Pstereo” in honour of the festival’s 10-year-anniversary.They laughed and joked about it on set, saying they weren’t entirely sure how they’d let themselves be persuaded to do so. Regardless, they played to a full crowd as pretty much every festival-visitor gathered around the main stage for the round of off Pstereo 2016.
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Thank you Pstereo – this was an awesome year and everyone at The List is looking forward to the next one already!

Photos: Andy Natt
Words: Ida Bondø Lee-Wright