The List Magazine, Trondheim’s very first English-language magazine.

The List is comprised of a collection of engaged, local professionals who squeeze out extra hours of their days to make communicating what’s going on, possible.


Compliments of the Chef: To Rom og Kjøkken
Cooking, like most skills, takes a bit of practice and a general willingness to learn. A great meal is no
#60: Lademoen Park
Located just between busy Lade and trendy Solsiden, Lademoen Park is one of my fave spots to meet up with
#49: On a Rainy Summer Day
While waiting for the Literature House’s fall program to come out, why not spend your rainy days at the public
#9: Walk along Nidelva
I am very fond of taking strolls, and I love elements of water in the summer. Therefore, a stroll along
#51: Late night golfing
Best enjoyed between 21:00-23:00 Pack up some of your favourite cold beverages and head into the city centre. Get on bus
#56: Time for hobby
My friend Elise and I enjoy dancing Lindy hop, and after months of hard work and stress at school it
#57: Munkholmen
Norway is full of islands, and today is the day to visit one. Take the little boat from Ravnkloa and
#10: Korsvika
  Is there anything better than a warm, sunny Norwegian summer day spent relaxing by Tronhejmsfjord? Whenever the weather gods
#71: Frosta
I love taking a day trip (or a whole weekend) to the peninsula of Frosta and island of Tautra! Located
#94: Craft beer
With craft beer rising in popularity, the niche of sour beers has become more known and available as well. Sour
#43: Family Frisbee Fun
In my spare time I like to play Frisbee Golf. In Trondheim we have three courses. There is no fee
#69: Wine bar
I love to go out for a glass of wine during summer, and I can’t wait to visit Trondheim’s first wine
#46: A trip outside Trondheim
An ideal day or weekend trip to get a break from the rainy city would be visiting Røros. Røros is a world
#65: Pilgrim Route
For me, the Norwegian summer is the best time for walking and jogging – it’s not too hot and not
#74: The Viking side of Oppdal
Did you know that you can visit one of Northern Europe’s largest Viking burial sites in Oppdal? Hop on a
#42: Connect with wildlife
Trøndelag offers the irresistible combination of wild nature, local food, and historical sites. Being a family-friendly region, it offers plenty
#70: Ginger Spice
My friend Kristina Lunnan Thorvik, Bar Manager at Røros Hotell, came up with the ultimate invigorating summer cocktail last year. She
#95: A Sour Challenge
My friend and I used to do a sour challenge, as we called it. The rules are simple: buy a