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Trondheim Easter Egg Hunt
Last year we wrote up ten different ideas for what to do during the Easter holidays–a sort of activity easter
Kosmorama: Wasted
Last night we went over to Credo Restaurant to check out the Kulinarisk Kino programme Kosmorama had organized. The film
An Interview with Kjersti Buaas
The List connected with Trøndelag’s Olympic World Snowboarder, Kjersti Buaas for issue #14 that came out at the start of
The List’s contributor Zane Datava joined the crows for Kosmorama’s opening film yesterday. Here is what she had to say:
Warm Drinks for Cold Weather
Warm Drinks for Cold Weather Not everyone wants to have a hot coffee beverage, and plain cocoa can get boring.
Skiing and Such
I think I read somewhere online that Norway did pretty well at the Winter Olympics (or just The Olympics as
Checking in at Dwarfheim
Pineleaf Studios, featured in The List’s issue #19, is in the process of building a video game. After The List spent
NTNU Campus Expansion: A Chat With Trond Åm
The NTNU Campus Expansion A Chat with Trond Åm As many have heard, NTNU is about to start a huge
Trondheim Calling: Day 2
Trondheim Calling: Day 2 The List made a hip-hop night out of the second day of the festival. It might
Trondheim Calling: Day 1
Trondheim Calling: Day 1 The winter music festival started with a bang last night. Finally, Trondheim Calling has gotten started
A Vegan Christmas: Interview with Emma Jarvis
This weekend in Trondheim is the official start of the holiday season (though walking into many shops around town you
Planetarium at Vitensenteret
When its cold and dark in the reaches of Trondheim, why not explore the cold and dark reaches of space?
Rake Visningrom is one of the more interesting locales in Trondheim – from both an exterior and interior standpoint. The
The List’s List: Norwegian Horror Films
With the Norwegian horror festival Ramaskrik starting up today and Halloween quickly approaching, we at The List thought this might
The List Wants You!
Our small team here at The List is very proud to be representing our community in the capacity we do.
Looking for something to do this weekend? Then check out Avant Garden’s Bastard Festival; it starts tomorrow and runs through
An Interview with Per Ananiassen, Theatre Boss of Avant Garden
Boss-man Wil Lee-Wright caught up with Avant Garden’s Per Ananiassen to talk about the venue’s planned change and the performing
Under the Surface: Fascinating Photography
We had such a great response to the photography in the Under The Surface photos in the most recent issue