Olavsfestdagene – through Kasia’s eyes

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Hello everybody! I’m Kasia, a newcomer to the town, imported straight from Poland, starting a fantastic journey with The List as Deputy Editor from this month on (that’s me on the right above, wandering about the picturesque Historical Market outside Nidarosdomen). You will hear quite a lot from me during the following months so get ready and follow me in investigating what is going on in Trondheim. Being new to the town makes me super curious, how about you?

I arrived just in time to participate in Olavsfestdagene, which I started checking out with a classy concert in Vår Frue kirke of a Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen and a German singer Simin Tander. Elegant, warm and a little bit exotic – this musical trip turned out to be a perfect way of spending Sunday evening.

Yesterday’s performance of a comedian Ruben Gazki was a big change of scene for me. It was in Norwegian, which only made me laugh a couple of times less then the rest of the audience! Great presentation of a Norwegian humour in Ytre Kongsgård both for children and adults.

I’m excited to be here, and excited to be part of The List. I’m also looking forward to see the Patti Smith concert on Thursday (4pm and 8:30pm, sold out) and on How Like an Angel, an acrobatics show in Nidarosdomen on Tuesday and Friday 6:30pm, and also on Sunday 7pm and 11pm.
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