Olavsfestdagene – Aurora / Karpe Diem

The high of every summer is seeing the playbill announced for music festivals, and realising that the place to be is your hometown. This year’s Olavsfestdagene outpaced expectations for festival-goers of all tastes, and it was no surprise when a duo of heavy hitters was to perform together with the Nidarosdomen cathedral as their backdrop. With the rising alt-pop star Aurora set to open for Karpe Diem, a hip-hop group beloved across generations, the stage was set for an electric performance in the late summer twilight of Trondheim. And what a show it was!

Aurora’s set was a perfect example of the performances she has become so well known for over the past year, stylish, intense, and alive. Like a whirling dervish, she commanded attention through fits and spins, her body travelling distances to match the rhythms of her spacious pop appraisals. Though many were undoubtedly seeing her for the first time, the young artist’s songs were venerated as hymnals echoed throughout the crowd.

It was no secret, however, which artist the crowd had come to see. Karpe Diem is revered for their deft fusions of pop rap anthems and politically shrewd hip-hop. Though a newcomer to the band, it was difficult for me to not want to immediately enlist as disciple their musical crusade. The crowd became one as the infamous frontmen Magdi and Chirag played marionette with the passions of the evening. The sky bowed as the crowd swayed, reverential before the two exceptional performers. For yours truly, it was a proper schooling. For anyone out there not yet anointed, in the words of the Notorious B.I.G., if you don’t know, now you know.







Words and all photos by Kyle Mcclanahan