Get to know one of Trondheim’s most eclectic group of musicians, working tirelessly to bring the clubbing vibe back to the city. This crew, two of which were interviewed here, arrange intermittent concerts with extensive lineups, and an occasional festival, throughout the year, having held around a half dozen already, under the flag of Maskinmassakren.

Photo: Torleif Kvinnesland

Perhaps the greatest story is how the group began its formation: a chance, Trøndersk meeting at the Roskilde music festival in Denmark.

“I got lost in the crowd, and far away in the midst of all of it I heard someone singing Rosenborg songs. So I thought, well, if it’s not my friends it’s at least someone friendly and headed in that direction. I found this guy [pointing to his partner in crime] and we’ve been friends ever since.” – S

The sound of each of the musicians involved in the group, and the eventual creation of their very own concert platform, evolved from trends in the clubbing and electronic music scenes in Trondheim; trends that they didn’t really identify with and branched out into their own thing.

“At the time there were a lot of underground raves around and outside of Trondheim. We felt like they staled a bit music-wise. The people that arranged the events seemed to be more keen about creating a place to just go and party and get sh*t faced. And we figured that it wasn’t going anywhere and decided to just do it ourselves.”

“The clubs scene has been stagnant for the last 10 or so years. There were a lot of cool DJ’s and lots of new and creative music. But then something happened, I don’t know, but it lost its identity a little bit and everything just became the same, everything sounded the same wherever you went – and it has stayed the same ever since.” – A

Photo: Torleif Kvinnesland

What has emerged from this unique collection of artists is the one of a kind concert series: Maskinmassakren. Each edition of the concert sees a new line-up of experienced and up-and-coming artists; each bringing with them their own take on electronic music.

“One of the things we focus on is to highlight both established and up and coming artists. So we always reserve at least one slot at on the schedule for a new, local act. This also helps us keep a variety to sound at each event.” -A

“We give people who don’t really get recognized for their music a stage to play on.” –S

Photo: Torleif Kvinnesland

UFFA has become the stage for the Maskinmassakren concept, with the electronic music clashing slightly with the punk roots at UFFA. But variety is the spice of life, and while some people might have been skeptical of the success of electro in a punk arena, the shows have been a resounding success.

“The UFFA crowd has come around to the idea. After the first concert was such a success, we don’t even have to ask to use the stage now!”

Looking to find some new music to groove to, or want to check out one of the coolest concert venues in Trondheim? Keep an eye out for the next edition of Maskinmassakren!

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  1. For a better idea of the madness unleashed from time to time at our beloved UFFA and other places listen to:


    Another part of the story is a chance encounter between a Canadian expat wearing a Underground Resistance shirt and a former music technology student (currently in exile in Portugal) during an EdDMX gig at Leutenfest (sic) Block Party a couple of years ago.

    Also a big shout out to our mascots Jan Roger and Mikkel!

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