Meet Your Makers: Wiralcam

Eivind Sæter, CDO of Wiralcam

– When did you start and what gave you the inspiration to start your cable cam system?

I have always loved filming, but only at an amateur level when I go on vacation, and visiting new and beautiful places. To be able to show the best moments to family and friends when I get home is great.

Almost three years ago I was about to get married. I wanted to document the wedding in the same way as my vacations and started to look for a tool to do this in a good way. I thought it would be great to get some smooth shots, close to the action, but most of the tools were either too expensive or had limiting functionality. Cable cams were the obvious choice, but only high-end products existed on the market. I decided to create my own, and this lead to the idea behind Wiral LITE.

Photo courtesy of Wiralcam

– Do you consider yourself a ‘maker’? What do you do with the rest of your time and what is your background making things (digital or analogue)?

Yes, I do. I love to make things, and I am always thinking about new ideas. The problem is to have time to do something with them. Being an entrepreneur is perfect, then I can work with the ideas I believe in every day.

I have a master’s degree in industrial design and believe that the education and the design thinking help me bring the ideas to life. To be a maker, it is important to know a little bit of everything. You do not necessarily need to be an expert in one specific area, but rather be able to see the whole picture.

Photo courtesy of Wiralcam

– Tell us a little more about the product: what makes it unique, where it is made and any special techniques?

Wiral is a camera accessory where you can remotely control a camera along a rope to get dynamic footage. The existing cable cam systems are outdated and for professionals only, demanding hours to set-up and multiple people to operate. Wiral fits easily in your backpack and can be operated by a five-year-old. The system comes with an intuitive attachment system, making it easy for anyone to set it up in less than 3 minutes. This patent-pending attachment solution is what truly differentiates us from competing solutions.

Wiral was founded in 2016 by four outdoor and filming enthusiasts who saw the need for adding a new perspective while capturing own adventures. The team has now expanded to 9 people, and most of the product development is happening in-house in the offices in Trondheim.

– What has the area of Trøndelag brought to your making? Could this be possible anywhere else? Would it look different if it was?

Trondheim has a great start-up scene, and several start-ups have already created successful camera gear. To be able to learn from these start-ups has been essential to our success. Also, to be close to NTNU and able to recruit great engineers from a leading technical university is really unique for Trondheim.

Photo Courtesy of Wiralcam

– And the something unique to the product/people behind Wiral you wouldn’t necessarily know?
While cable cameras run on steel wires, Wiral LITE runs on a thin static rope usually used for sailing and kitesurfing. Creative solutions like this evolve because our team consists of people with background from kitesurfing, climbing and downhill biking. We have managed to take some great elements from sports, like the rope, and apply it to a completely different product and market.  

– And finally, info for people who would like to know more about or to buy the product etc., where are you online?

Pre-ordering Wiral LITE now before we start shipping will save you 40%, so I definitely recommend that. You can find more information about specs, example footage and user testimonials on



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