Words by Bradley Kurtz

Photo: Sturle Dagsland

Ladehammerfestivalen: a music festival for a good cause, held at the best venue in Trondheim. Ladehammerfestivalen is held at, well, the Ladehammer – complete with spectacular views of the city and Trondheimsfjorden to the West.

This unique and fun festival prides itself on being put on for no other reason than to give the people of Trondheim a good time and give voice to a good cause. This year the festival is in cooperation with Sjiraffen Kultursenter, which offers cultural, and leisure activities for children, adolescents, and adults with mental and physical disabilities.

Each year the lineup of bands playing at the festival becomes more and more varied. 2018 will see an eclectic group of punk, reggae, surf-rock, stoner-core, and of course, Trøndersk rock, take the stage below the Ladehammer. Every year Ladehammerfestivalen works to promote some of the up-and-coming bands in the region via Ladehammerslag, a battle of the band’s style event. Stop by to discover and cheer on your new favourite.

Kids are welcome to Ladehammerfestivalen as well! Starting at noon on Saturday there will be kid-friendly programs and a picnic – aptly dubbed Barnehammer’n.

Don’t worry about trying to scramble to buy tickets to Ladehammerfestivalen, as it is free to attend. Everyone from the bands to the festival manager volunteers their time to put on a great show.

Date: 8-9 June

Locations: Ladehammer

Time: 18:00 for Ladehammer, 12:00 for Barnehammern

Price: Free

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