Kosmorama: Wasted

Last night we went over to Credo Restaurant to check out the Kulinarisk Kino programme Kosmorama had organized.

The film was Wasted, which talked about food waste in contemporary society and also highlighted people, programmes, and things everyone can do at home in order to reduce waste.

The movie was both entertaining and eye-opening. It was nicely balanced between talking about how bad things are and also how things are being done to alleviate the bad things. And it certainly had me taking a look at my own habits and thinking about what I could change.

Served with the movie was a delicious cup of soup from Credo that was made entirely from leftover/scraps from the cooking process. I couldn’t tell you exactly what kind of soup it was, but it was delicious.

After the movie, Heidi Bjerkan got up and spoke about the ethos of Credo, and how it is continuously trying to reduce waste in the restaurant. She also talked about a lot of the work they do with partners that supply the restaurant to do the same thing.

The movie has been out for awhile, but I had not yet watched it and I certainly recommend it for anyone who hasn’t. And we also recommended booking a table at Credo.

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