Julemarked, here we go!

The time finally came. It seems to me that Trondheim people wait for this period of time the entire year, being only slightly interrupted by summer holidays, and only if we are lucky enough to get some warmth over here in the summertime 🙂 Otherwise, Christmas time wins.
Coming back to my point, a lot of people will agree with me that Trondheim is a great town to celebrate. The fact it’s dark outside makes it even better as it brings the cozy atmosphere. With all the Christmas decorations, lamps, candles, and on the top of it, of course, Trondheim Christmas market in the heart of the city, Trondheim is doing its best to make us forget we barely see any daylight.julemarked_2016_93a7814What is about Julemarked that Norwegians can’t imagine Christmas without being on one of them? Does it make Christmas more real? Might be. The time cities host Christmas markets is almost a peak of anticipation. Two weeks to go until we will have holidays. Two weeks until we will finally unwrap the Christmas gifts and indulge ourselves in all kinds of delicious food.julemarked_2016_93a7802Seeing all those Christmas decorations, local food and piles of all kinds of regional products from woolen socks and organic honey to ‘gløgg’ and ‘elkpølse’ we start feeling Christmas is coming for real.
Happy December everyone!

Words by Kasia Gasiorek