Words by Julie Refseth

Photo: Roger Midtstraum

Spring is here and the sun is finally starting to feel warm, the birds are singing and there are hints of green starting to show outside. You might feel you have more energy and finally, you can get rid of that big, warm winter jacket you have used for months. Wonderful isn’t it?

Do you have a pair of barely used trainers, dusted away in your wardrobe just screaming to be used, or are you running all year around?

Well, that does not matter because this event is for everyone. You can run at your own pace, or even walk if you prefer that. Grab your friend, colleagues, or even your neighbour and join for an evening 5 kilometre run, or walk, along Nidelven with many other sporty women.

This year Jentebølgen is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and Strindheim Friidrett IL is the club hosting the event.

The event starts with entertainment at Solsiden at 5.30 pm. There will also be a warm-up session, and the race starts at 7 p.m. Would you like to participate?

I think so! There are no excuses for not enjoying Trondheim at night together with many other sporty women of all shapes, sizes, and ages!

Date: 5th of June

Location: Solsiden

Time: 19:00

Prize: From 100- 250 NOK

Extra information:

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