It’s already December!

Something magical happens in December. Christmas and celebration time is approaching us so fast, yet we can’t wait for Christmas to come. Is it really Christmas or the time just before which is actually the most exciting? For me, the feeling of anticipation and rising excitement when streets turn to be one huge Christmas market is even better than Christmas itself.

We are opening the first box in the Christmas Calendar today. Relishing it, we start counting down days until holidays. The feeling of anticipation every morning , when we can finally open the next window with a tiny piece of chocolate, is what many associate December with.

For some, however, this anticipation is knitted not to a chocolate calendar but to a musical one. Have you ever heard about Alternativ Julekalender? As Arne, Jonny and Stian define it, this is essentially a musical newsletter. Under the label of Riot Factory, these three restless guys release one song each day of Advent. All are recorded particularly for the sake of the calendar, what makes up 24 new songs every year, created with amazing local contributors who, pretty often are about to kick off their careers.alternativ_jul_2013_firkantWhat’s on the plate today? It seems they started with Nedsnødd på Julaften by Tre Små Kinere.Enjoy!alternativ_julekalender_2010_svart_uten_stripaekort.inddIt’s fun. It’s alternative. It’s Christmas in Trondheim.

Illustrations by Riot Factory
Words by Kasia Gasiorek