#83: Solemsvåttan

Take a buss, get in the car, or take the bike to Jonsvatnet, Repper or Væretrøa and find your way out to the highest peak in the area, Solemvåttan. It’s a nice little hike that provides a great view of the city, the fjord, and also Jonsvatnet and the areas around. Since it’s not more than 423 meters above the sea level there is quite a lot of big trees at the top, but don’t worry, there is a nice view tower up there that will let you see what lays beyond the wall of trees.

Words by Jan Ove Iversen, Creative Director at Jan Ove Making stuff

Photo by Erlend Karlsen


#96: Falafel Bar

As a vegetarian who used to be vegan, falafels have been a part of my diet for many years. Unfortunately, I have met more dry and soggy falafels than crispy and herby ones. At Falafel Bar in Leütenhaven, they are getting it just right however, with perfect texture and spiciness. Ideal for veggies and carnivores alike, falafel wraps are the ultimate on-the-go healthy comfort food for any Trønder weather!

Words by Astri Barbala, Writer and Co-Owner of Æ Studio

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

Falafel Baren & Food Truck Facebook

#35: Festningen

The Kristiansen Fortress holds one of Trondheim’s most interesting building design. It also holds one of the most accessible and greatest views you can get of Trondheim; close to the city center as well. Located in one of the major green city lungs, Festningen is filled with history and strolling people; surely a nice place to chill out on a sunny day.

Words by Hans Eriksson, landscape architect mnla at Plan Arkitekter AS

Photo by Katarzyna Gąsiorek


#89: Back in the past

How about putting on clothes different from everything you are used to? When we put on historical clothing, we try to relive the past. It gives you a chance to put down your phone, and leave all social media alone for a while. Just be with people, live in the present. Enjoy the smell of a bonfire, the grass under your bare feet, and lose sense of time.

Words and photo by June-Marita Hagen, Chieftain at Trondheim Vikinglag


#7: Skansen

Skansen is my favourite park along the Trondheim fjord where you can picnic like a local. The Skansen promenade ends up in a small park where I like to go to BBQ, play some volleyball, take a refreshing dip in the water, watch the sailboats, and maybe end the day by visiting Lille Skansen restaurant. I would personally bike or walk from Brattøra along the fjord. If you don’t feel like walking that much, I would take the traditional tram Gråkallbanen from the city centre to Ila.

Words by Janina Lamøy, Event&Community Manager at DIGS

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

Lille Skansen Restaurant

Gråkallbanen Street Car


#75: Storfossen

Storfossen lies deep in the forest over Hommelvik. The waterfall is in a nature reserve and is just a short walk from Selbuveien. To get there you drive, from Hommelvik, about 5km in the direction of Selbu. On the left you´ll find a parking lot with a path that goes straight into the woods. There you can experience a fresh bath in the middle of nature. If you have a bike, you can cycle about a kilometre to and from Hommelvik on a nice gravel road through the middle of the forest.

Words and photo by Jonathan Bigler, Chief Marketing Officer at Kommunion


#24: Pstereo

From serious music lovers, hipsters, and those between the ages of 18 to 50, Pstereo is the big happening in Trondheim this summer. The festival provides both a rare meeting spot for the 30 to 40 somethings with babysitters, and spaces for those who follow closely what is happening on all the separate stages. Musically, its variety gives something for everyone through a blend of fresh indie and rock while throwing in some nostalgia for the “grown-ups”. In its eleven years of existence, Pstereo has had a lot of amazing acts. I’m most looking forward to seeing shoegaze legends Slowdive (UK), Swedish rapper Silvana Iman, and melodic indie pop masters Beach Fossils (US). The ever energetic and exciting Cymbals Eat Guitars (US) will make a most welcome return to the festival. And you certainly don’t wanna miss the local rising stars Pom Poko, who look set for a UK breakthrough this year!

Words by Vegard Enlid, Journalist at Adresseavisen

Photos by Wil Lee-Wright


#99: Døgnvill

Døgnvill in Trondheim has a warm, American vibe to the restaurant and is a perfect place to chill out with friends on a warm summer night. The central location makes the place easy to access; as it is right on top of Munkegata. I love that, in addition to traditional burgers, they have quite a big offer of both vegetarian and vegan options. Top off the experience with a delicious Oreo milkshake and you’re guaranteed to be in a good mood for the rest of your night.

Words and photo by Juliana Martinsen, Miss Norway 2017 finalist

Døgnvill Trondheim

#62: Nidaros Cathedral

If you haven’t already, take a tour to the tower of Nidaros Cathedral, available only during the summer. There are a lot of steps up to the top, but it’s well worth it for the view of the river Nidelva and quayside buildings. Inside the cathedral you will also find one of Europe’s greatest, newly restored organs; the fine lines of the instrument remind me of Northern Lights. I also recommend having a walk around the exterior of the cathedral and looking for the grotesques sculptures chiseled into the walls: everyone will find a favorite.

Words by Øystein Digr, Craftsman and computer nerd at Nidaros Cathedral restoration workshop

Photos by Jennifer Wold


#54: Foraging

I love foraging! This year I’m going to fill up an entire freezer of goodies from Estenstadsmarka. Mostly I pick berries, but this year I’m going to ask for some help and have my mushrooms sorted too. There is a Facebook group Trondheim ‘sopp- og nyttevekstforening’, which will help you to figure out what you found and that it is safe to eat.

Words and photos by June Karlsen, photographer at Irisskolefoto