#69: Wine bar

I love to go out for a glass of wine during summer, and I can’t wait to visit Trondheim’s first wine bar, Tasting. With more than 200 wines Tasting will be a great alternative to the tenfold of microbreweries that already exist in the city. I have for a long time longed for a wine bar in Trondheim because the microbreweries don’t offer variety for the wine drinkers, only the standard ‘white’ or ‘red’. Now finally we can invite our ‘beer’ friends to the other side!

Words by Marie Jacobsen Lauvås, CEO at Sounds Good


#46: A trip outside Trondheim

An ideal day or weekend trip to get a break from the rainy city would be visiting Røros. Røros is a world heritage site with plenty to offer in terms of history, culture and nature. While here, you can’t miss tasting some of Norway’s best local food, made from the finest ingredients directly from nature or from local producers.

Words by Jan Neklapil, Head Chef at Kaffestuggu, Røros

Photos by Brekke, Asgeir  Spange


#65: Pilgrim Route

For me, the Norwegian summer is the best time for walking and jogging – it’s not too hot and not too cold. Trondheim is the final destination of the St. Olav Ways, one of the most important pilgrim routes in Northern Europe. Pilgrims and other travellers have used these historic trails since 1032 CE. Experience the history and take the tram up to Lian, then hike the last section of the trail all the way down to Nidaros Cathedral and quench your thirst with the holy water of St. Olav’s Well at Marinen. For more info go:


Words and photos by Chin-Yu Lee, Climate adviser at Trondheim Municipality


Pilgrims Route (2)_Chin-Yu Lee_.JPG

#74: The Viking side of Oppdal

Did you know that you can visit one of Northern Europe’s largest Viking burial sites in Oppdal? Hop on a train and experience ancient history a mere one hour and 40 minutes outside Trondheim. The site consists of nearly 900 graves dating back to the early Nordic Iron Age; findings indicate that people have been buried there since year 400 AD. You can successfully combine your day of time travel with a hike in the surrounding mountains and a French croissant at the local artisan bakery Sprø. For more information, go to

Words by Silje Kristin Granum, Project Manager for Nasjonalparken Næringshage

Photo by Revenque


#42: Connect with wildlife

Trøndelag offers the irresistible combination of wild nature, local food, and historical sites. Being a family-friendly region, it offers plenty of activities for both adults and kids. Scandinavia’s Top five animals await in their natural environment. Meet the moose, musk ox, or sea eagle, on a wild life safari! If you dare, you can wake up beside a bear or a wolf in the Namsskogan Wildlife Park!

Words by Petra Sestak, General Manager at Trøndelag Reiseliv

Photo by Kristin Semstad


#70: Ginger Spice

My friend Kristina Lunnan Thorvik, Bar Manager at Røros Hotell, came up with the ultimate invigorating summer cocktail last year. She named it Ginger Spice, of course after Geri Halliwell of the Spice Girls. It is a mix of 2 cl Lysholm nr 52, 2 cl Cartron Ginger Liqueur, 2 cl lemon juice and 2 cl syrup. Shake and serve in cold cocktail glass.

Jeremy Davies-Barbala, Co-Owner & Creative Director at Æ Studio


#95: A Sour Challenge

My friend and I used to do a sour challenge, as we called it. The rules are simple: buy a portion of a sour candy, preferably strawberry flavour. We used to put the candies in our mouth trying to keep it as long as possible without a single grimace. A first one to pull a face lost the game. The unfortunate soul who lost first then had to put the rest of the candies in their mouth, and was not allowed to open it before it was all gone. Are you up for the challenge this summer?

Words by Line Rønning, Vice President of Incoming Exchange Program, Finance and Talent Management, AIESEC Trondheim


#63: St. Olavspranget walking routes


Length: 6.2 km

Duration: circa 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

From the inmost parking lot in Tømmerdalen (timber valley) we follow the gravel road towards the farm Tømmerdal Nordre. On the way to the cliffs there is a great opportunity to admire Holstdammen lake.


Length: 10 km

Duration: circa 4 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Not too different from hike #1 but includes a segment to Herbernheia, where you have the option to go swimming, or enjoy the view of Herberndammen.


Length: 17.5 km

Duration: circa 4 hours, 40 minutes

Medium / Demanding

Full English description:

Words by Henrik Lerdahl, Media Assistant at Trondheims Turistforening

Maps by Trondheims Turistforening

#59: Neon Marinen

Summer for me is all about one weekend when you lay down in the grass watching Marinen be lit up by the neon lights. Together with my friends, I bring blanket and sit on the other side of the river watching Pstereo. Too young to participate ourselves, we still get to enjoy the festival as the fun spirit and music spread all over the city.

Marlene Engevold, Student at Trondheim Katedralskole


#58: Kuhaugen

My favourite thing to do, all year round actually, is to walk or run up to Kuhaugen and the viewpoint that lays just 100 meters from there. Kuhaugen is a small grassy hill in Tyholt with an astonishing view over the entire town. To get the best experience possible I recommend to walk up there when the sun starts its journey down. Watching it lighting up the Fosen slopes is absolutely mind-blowing. Look it up!

Word by Maud Nestgaard, Student at Trondheim Katedralskole