#56: Time for hobby

My friend Elise and I enjoy dancing Lindy hop, and after months of hard work and stress at school it will be nice to focus on our hobby this summer. Although there are no lindy hop dedicated events in town, we encourage dancing outside. It is such a social dance, and therefore a great opportunity to meet new, interesting people and make new friends.

Words by Leah Myren Bystad, Student at Rosenborg School

Photos by Maura March and Théo Duperret



#57: Munkholmen

Norway is full of islands, and today is the day to visit one. Take the little boat from Ravnkloa and enjoy the short trip while leaving Trondheim behind you. As soon as you arrive, you have a beautiful 360° view from the middle of the fjord. You can visit the old parts of the island in a guided tour for 50 NOK, or simply take a coffee and enjoy the view. If you’re craft-interested, there is a nice collection of traditional objects to see as well.

Words by Théo Duperret, international student at Tiller vidergående skole


#10: Korsvika


Is there anything better than a warm, sunny Norwegian summer day spent relaxing by Tronhejmsfjord? Whenever the weather gods smile down on the city I pack up some food, a blanket, a bottle of something bubbly, and head to soak up some vitamin D along the coast at Korsvika. Bonus points if it’s warm enough to take a little dip!

Words and photos by Courtney Lineback, General Manager at Habitat


#71: Frosta

I love taking a day trip (or a whole weekend) to the peninsula of Frosta and island of Tautra! Located just one hour north of Trondheim, this is a great place to just relax and pick up some fresh vegetables from one of the many farms in Frosta. If you want to spend the night, rent a cabin at Frosta Fjordbuer, and make sure you make your way to the small island of Tautra nearby to try the local brew and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Ina Morken Midtun, Marketing and Coordinator at Rockheim


#94: Craft beer

With craft beer rising in popularity, the niche of sour beers has become more known and available as well. Sour beers can range widely in character, but share being intentionally exposed to wild bacteria and yeasts during the brewing process. This produces an acidic flavour and other unique flavour compounds. The brewpub Habitat probably has the most intriguing selection in Trondheim, but whether there or somewhere else, I would ask for a Berliner Weisse.

Words by Daniel Ihlen Ekelund, Product developer AT AssiStep

Photo by Sebastian Bjerkvik


RBK v Ajax: The List’s match report

Lerkendal was the place to be last night as Rosenborg BK met Ajax in the second leg of the Europa League playoffs. Trondheim has been craving European football and the crowd was ready and eager for another chance at it. More than an hour before kick-off and the fans were pouring in – and they were in good voice, particularly in Kjernen, the standing supporter section on the east side of the stadium.

A full house last night

Being one goal ahead after the away game in Amsterdam last week, Rosenborg were be in a good position to take it home, but Ajax a club with good European pedigree and they certainly wasn’t going to make it easy. Coaches from both teams had high praise for the other and were anticipating an intense match.

Adegbenro began on the bench but would come on and change the game

‘It will undoubtedly be a close match,” said Marcel Keizer, the manager of Ajax. “Rosenborg have players who can decide the outcome of the match, and we must therefore respond appropriately.”

RBK pressed hard in the first half

The first few minutes saw Ajax pressing hard into Rosenborg territory. Ajax let a few opportunities slip, and others were denied by some impressive goalkeeping from Andre Hansen. It wasn’t long before Rosenborg started to gain some ground; they had good stints in possession, but still struggled to find clear chances in front of the net. Ajax, while looking the more dangerous side, also lacked bite when attacking the goal.

Bendtner reels away after scoring the first of the night

sending the crowd in to rapture

Halfway through the first 45 minutes and we got to see a classic Nicklas Bendtner goal. Some great build-up play, an excellent cross in from Midtsjø, followed by a lordly header into the back of the net. An explosive response from the fans was certain to have been heard as far away as Molde. The remainder of the half saw Rosenborg doing well in possession of the ball, a few missed chances and signs of an increasingly frustrated Ajax.

The impressive Midtsjø looses out down the right

Keizer must have had some strong words to his team during halftime; Ajax came back onto the field ready to battle. Putting on Klaas-jan Huntelaar and switching up to two attackers improved Ajax’s game substantially. They dominated possession and looked ready to score. Eventually they did; Amin Younes and Lasse Schöne both put balls past Rosenborg keeper Andre Hansen within a minute to two if each other.

Great atmosphere in the stadium, which eventual helped pull the team through

Though they went down by a goal in a very short time, it must be said Hansen was impressive the full 90 minutes; without him between the posts there would have been much more than two goals to Ajax. His performance throughout the match earned him the votes from the supporters for man of the match.


The ‘twelfth man’ was also incredibly important last night. It was a classic European night at Lerkendal, absolutely electric, the atmosphere was intoxicating. There was perhaps one second of silence as Rosenborg went down 2-1, but soon everyone in the stadium was up on their feet cheering and singing songs, urging Rosenborg onwards towards goal.

Adegbenro rises for his first goal…

and runs off to the corner to celebrate

In both of the matches against Ajax, the late substitution of Samuel Adegbenro drastically changed the course of the game. He snuck one past Ajax keeper Andre Onana in Amsterdam with less than five minutes in a Rosenborg jersey. The two goals he got last night go to show how dangerous of an attacking option he will be for the club: the first a towering header into the the top corner and the second a near post drive after dropping a shoulder and dribbling clear of his markers in the box.

Adegbenro bears down on the Ajax goal for his second of the night

A win last night means that Rosenborg will be in the draw for the group stages of the tournament early this afternoon. RBK manager Kåre Ingebrigtsen, when asked about what teams he would like to meet in the group stages, answered Arsenal or any other English clubs, Hertha Berlin, and FC Copenhagen. For teams he didn’t want to be grouped with he answered Liverpool, for the sole reason that he dislikes travelling to the city. Well, they’re not actually in this competition yet, so we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Bendtner was in agreement with Kåre in regards to wanting to take a crack at Arsenal, his former club. And captain Mike Jensen, who was excellent on the night, didn’t seem concerned about the draw: “We aren’t afraid of any club,” he told reporters shortly after the game.

words by Bradley Kurtz
all photos by Wil Lee-Wright for Photography for The List Media

#43: Family Frisbee Fun

In my spare time I like to play Frisbee Golf. In Trondheim we have three courses. There is no fee for using the courses and so it is also a great activity to play with kids, whatever their age. You can even push a pram around the course with if the little one is too young to throw! And because the courses are located in green areas around town, you can also bring a ball or some water balloons for a lighthearted break from the action.

Words by Leiv Aspén, Producer at Bennett



#69: Wine bar

I love to go out for a glass of wine during summer, and I can’t wait to visit Trondheim’s first wine bar, Tasting. With more than 200 wines Tasting will be a great alternative to the tenfold of microbreweries that already exist in the city. I have for a long time longed for a wine bar in Trondheim because the microbreweries don’t offer variety for the wine drinkers, only the standard ‘white’ or ‘red’. Now finally we can invite our ‘beer’ friends to the other side!

Words by Marie Jacobsen Lauvås, CEO at Sounds Good


#46: A trip outside Trondheim

An ideal day or weekend trip to get a break from the rainy city would be visiting Røros. Røros is a world heritage site with plenty to offer in terms of history, culture and nature. While here, you can’t miss tasting some of Norway’s best local food, made from the finest ingredients directly from nature or from local producers.

Words by Jan Neklapil, Head Chef at Kaffestuggu, Røros

Photos by Brekke, Asgeir  Spange


#65: Pilgrim Route

For me, the Norwegian summer is the best time for walking and jogging – it’s not too hot and not too cold. Trondheim is the final destination of the St. Olav Ways, one of the most important pilgrim routes in Northern Europe. Pilgrims and other travellers have used these historic trails since 1032 CE. Experience the history and take the tram up to Lian, then hike the last section of the trail all the way down to Nidaros Cathedral and quench your thirst with the holy water of St. Olav’s Well at Marinen. For more info go:


Words and photos by Chin-Yu Lee, Climate adviser at Trondheim Municipality


Pilgrims Route (2)_Chin-Yu Lee_.JPG