#21: Drivhusfestivalen

Drivhusfestivalen (3-6 August) might be the perfect antidote to the spread of commercialized, big name events. Located on the idyllic small island of Magerøya, just west of Trondheim (thankfully not the equally named island at the northern-most point of Norway!), this event is a gathering of like-minded friends; “gardeners” as they call themselves. ‘Drivhus’ translates to greenhouse, and an apt description of the environment you could find yourself in – a place where you can just enjoy the sun and the water, enjoy some cooking, bathing, playing and rediscovering nature. Local DJs and bands are featured, but it’s not about who’s who – it’s about contributing, getting to know new people, and ultimately disconnecting from your own busy life.

For more info check driv-huset.com

Words by Andrew Christopher Anfinnsen, Freelance event producer and DJ


#23: Oi! Mat: Lunch, Dinner and a Stroll

It’s easy to not want to cook when the weather is warm, but summer is also when I want to try new foods most. So what can a person do about it? It´s simple: Trøndersk Matfestival and Bryggerifestivalen. I really look forward to trying all sorts of new foods and having my lunch, second lunch, and dinner made for me. I get to learn about the our regional food heritage while meeting people who are proud of what they do and committed to truly giving me their best. This is a summer must do.

See The List’s insert for more details (both English and Norwegian versions available)

Words by Tom Richard Wold, Shift Leader at Postcard

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

Oi! Mat Food Festival

Trondheim Brewing Festival


#90: Festival Fashion

Comfort first is what I dress by. If you share my love of free-flowing fabric and wind around your legs, get your deodorant out. Put some between your thighs and you won’t have to worry about chafing if you’re using your dress or skirt while walking around all day. No need for warm or uncomfortable bike shorts!

Words by Inga Skogvold Rygg, Freelance journalist at Frilansforetak

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

#5: enjoy the festival experience

June and August are the big festival months, and about the only time of year the weather in Trondheim allows for outdoor concerts. Personally, I like the smaller and more esoteric festivals. My top recommendations for festivals this summer are Rotvollfestivalen in August and Ladehammerfestivalen in June. July is a quiet month this summer, unfortunately. If I had choice, I would work July and have my vacation in the weeks before and after instead.

Simon W. Lie, Project Manger at NTNU Bridge


Ladehammerfestivalen, come and gone!

Rotvollfestivalen, 26 August 2017

Pstereo, 17-19 August 2017

Olavsfestdagene, 28 July – 5 August 2017

Oi! Trøndersk Food Festival and Brewers Festival, 3-5 August 2017

Klimafestival, 26 August – 2 September 2017

Drivhusfestivalen, 3-6 August 2017





#20: Cut down on the BBQ sauce

BBQ seems like a nice way of spending sunny summer evening, but is also a challenge in following my healthy diet. I will definitely go for good quality meat and cut down on the bread and other carbs, as well as the BBQ sauce this summer. I kind of feel like trying something new so might actually end up eating steak with grilled courgette, as I heard it’s delicious.

Words by Simen Leite, Member at MMA Trondheim


#16: Get the Fresh Fish

Freediving makes the delicious bounties of the ocean accessible to anyone who’s not afraid to get wet. Snorkeling and shallow diving for crabs, scallops and other shells is a rewarding challenge for beginners. Many freedivers hunt fish with spear guns, which is both challenging and exciting. It’s arguably also the most humane and sustainable way to obtain fish, when done responsibly. Trondheim fridykkerklubb runs several freediving courses at different levels every year. Visit trdfridykk.no for more information.

Words and Photo by Bendik Slyngstad, Mermaid at Trondheim fridykkerklubb

Trondheim’s Free Diving Club

Fishing in the Trondheim Fjord (norsk)

#18: What you should know about

Grilling is something of a national pastime here in Norway…at least when the weather cooperates. Before you fire up that grill there are a few things to keep in mind: because of the heightened fire danger in wooded areas, open flames such as grills and fire pits, are forbidden to use unless there has been heavy rain in the area. They are permitted to use in your own yard/property, but it is best to check local regulations before throwin’ a few shrimps on the…’en gangs grill’. Also, remember to never throw a hot grill or coals in a trashcan or anywhere else with flammable materials. Trondheim is full of great places to set up the grill; there are plenty of parks and open spaces in the city and the surrounding areas. There are some great locations down by the fjord and out of town (Midtsandtangen Friluftsområde for example). The excuse of grilling can be great motivation to explore our city and find a new favourite corner.

Words by Bradley Kurtz

Trondheim’s Central Fire Command

#19: Veggie Option


One of our favourite things to do in the summer is chill out in one of Trondheim’s many parks, fire up the grill, and get some awesome vegan food sizzling away. Don’t know where to start? No problem! The range of vegan products available has massively expanded. Why not try Grønne Folks beetroot burgers from Rema 1000, or stop by Etikken who have a range of vegan BBQ food that you won’t find elsewhere in Trondheim. Our personal favourites are the ‘Real Jumbos’ and ‘Toscaninis’ sausages; both are perfect in combination with an ice-cold beer and the Trondheim sun!

Words by Emma Jarvis, Founder at Trondheim Vegan Fair

Photo by Hanna Nielsen

Trondheim Vegan Fair

The Svartlamon Neighbourhood

#25: Olavsfestdagene


Olavsfestdagene fills Trondheim with festivity, street life, concerts, lectures, and services every summer.  St. Olav’s festival (this is how we can translate it to English) commemorates Olav Haraldsson who died in the battle at Stiklestad in 1030 when trying to bring Christianity to Norway.  Sainted Olav remained a symbol of the town, which turned into an important site for pilgrims. The purpose of St. Olav Festival is to strengthen Trondheim as a national ecclesiastical and cultural center. Miljøpakken plays a modest role at the festival by offering free and safe bicycle parking every year. The parking hotel in a close proximity to Erkebispegården is popular among participants who travel to town by bike. Trondheim is a relatively compact city. 140,000 can cycle to Olavsfestdagene and return home in less than one hour if they choose to ride a bike. Olavsfestdagene wants to make Trondheim visible as a place that values inclusivity and embraces everyone. Miljøpakken wants to make Trondheim a role model as a brave city fighting climate change. I am looking forward to experience the great atmosphere of the festival and particularly concerts in Erkebispegården.

Words by Hans Kringstad, Communications advisor at Trondheim kommune

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

Olavsfestdagene 2017

Anno i Erkebispegården (Historical Trades TV show)

Nidarosdomen (Nidaros Cathedral Information)

#81: A Run with a View


This run is so scenic it tempts both fitness-buffs and leisurely Sunday joggers in equal measure. Begin your route from Bakke Bro and head for Bakklandet with its old-worldy charm (watch out for the cobbled street and bundles of tourists!) and continue along Nidelven taking in the majestic cathedral. Hang a right at the pedestrian bridge by Ila church, keeping your eye out for otters and continue over Skansen to the marina and swing bridge. Run along the ocean walkway, soak up the fresh sea air and enjoy the distraction of Munkholmen and wonderful art along the promenade. When you approach Brattøra you will take the bridge over the train tracks, turn left and follow the canal to cross the architecturally pleasing Blomsterbroen over to the ‘Sunny Side’. Once at Solsiden turn right at the bridge by the crane and you are on the home stretch for a coffee at Jacobsen and Svart and hey presto – cardio completed!

Total length – flat & easy 5.5km

Words by Sarah Rose Jones, Owner & Instructor at Pilates Trondheim

Photo by Sally Glogowski

A bit on Bakkelandet

Historisk Bakkelandet (norsk)