#40: Modul 35

The photo gallery MODUL35 is built as a movable module that can benefit from the empty spaces in the city. Built by the art project – Art Hotel Norway and designed by sculptor Erlend Leirdal, MODUL35 is now located at Solsiden. It is now showcasing an exhibition by Lars Botten, who for the first time ever presents his 15-year long project Malung. It explores dance band festivals, summer flirts, cars, and partying. Available until 30 July, check it out.

Words by Laura-Ann Morrison, Art Editor at The List

#6: Breakfast at Storheia

One of my favourite spots is Storheia, the biggest mountain in Trondheim, standing at 565,6 m.a.s.l. The heights might not be impressive as mountains in Norway go, but it is worth a visit! From the top you have the best viewpoint over the whole of Trondheimsfjord and over to the Fosen Alps. You can enjoy the sound of silence and smell the fresh air from the Norwegian woods. Recommended for summer Sunday breakfasts.

Words by Sunniva Evjen, Marketing Executive at Visit Trondheim

Photo by Piotr Wawrzyniak

#50: No matter the weather

What to do on a rainy day? All of the above! If you let the rain get in the way of your summer activities in Trondheim you might never do anything. We have a saying in Norway: ‘Det finnes ikke dårlig vær, bare dårlige klær’, which means there is not such thing as bad weather just bad clothes. So go prepared and enjoy yourself, whatever the weather.

Words by Even Granås, Head of Sales at JohnnyLove

#48 Visit Tautra


The weather should not stop you enjoying the outdoors, but it’s good to have a plan. Tautra is a wonderful small island connected to the mainland by a narrow stone bridge, a 1.5 hour drive from Trondheim (or a thrilling RIB boat ride!). Here, you can visit the Klostergården restaurant and inn, beer brewery and Whiskey distillery, and the small shop where you’ll also find a wide variety of jams and compotes from the island’s fruit and berry production. When the rain clouds part, you can venture outside and visit the ruins of the 13th century Monastery as well as the modern Maria monastery, where you can buy their handmade soaps and lotions. Ideal for a day trip or even a wet weekend!

Words by Eirik Gjelsvik Medbø, Head of Marketing at AssiStep

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

#4: Summer chillout

My best music tips this summer: spend an evening strolling between music spots. Listen for music from open windows in hot apartments or cars rolling by. In Trondheim, live music leaks from clammy concert venues and from the street musician on the corner. Its easy to enjoy a varied music experience while you explore the city! My favourite spot? That must be Thomas Angells gate that connects Munkegata and Krambugata.

Words by Raymond Eide, Teacher for EVO and guitar maker at faustguitars 

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

#98: Taqueros

I’m really looking forward to the opening of Taqueros this summer; finally someone with a different idea than opening another sushi or burger place. The location in Buran is great as well. I believe the area will soon turn into Trondheim’s Grünerløkka. I’m certainly excited to dip nachos in guacamole and sip Margaritas there.

Nikol Herec, Photography at Nikol Herec Photography

#3: Dance!

Summer is the perfect time of year to dance! Whether a beginner or an expert, I recommend you to join a dance class in jazz, modern or classic, at Dansit (Strandveien 33) this summer. Classes take place from 25-29 July. Put your best foot forward this season!

Tone By, Communications at ISAK

#31 A Tip-Top Picnic

I love watching ski jumping, so it’s nice that Granåsen is in my backyard, almost. The walk through the complex is awesome all seasons, but in summer I love to climb the ski jump to the top with a picnic, a cushion, a radio and take along a friend. My favourite time to go is in the evening to watch the sunset, and if the conversation is good, stay until it rises. The view is amazing, the surroundings serene and it is has to be one of my favourite places to just go be.

Words and Photo by Jennifer Wold, Executive Director at TEDxTrondheim




#17: The freshest BBQ

You will find the absolute best ingredients for grilling in Trondheim. It is my suggestion that you go to the fish shop and by some fresh Crayfish from Frøya. Cut them in half; rub them with butter and some tarragon, and then grill for about a minute. Squeeze some fresh lemon on them and you are in heaven. If you don´t eat fish, you can go to Trondheim Slaktehus and pick up some beautiful aged entrecôte, their meat is world class if you ask me.

Lars Erik Vesterdal, General Manager at NordØst Food & Coctails

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

#47: Indoor climbing

On a rainy day in Trondheim you should definetely try out indoor climbing. This is an activity I really enjoy and I’m sure you will like indoor bouldering at Trondheim Klatresenter too. It is funny, challenging and a great work-out. It can also be very social and is an affordable activity, even for students. Definetely recommended!

Pål Mikalsen Rolfse, Monkey Brew

Photos by Trondheim Buldresenter