#60: Lademoen Park

Located just between busy Lade and trendy Solsiden, Lademoen Park is one of my fave spots to meet up with friends in the summertime. This middle-sized, historic park is known for its huge trees that are perfect to chill under when you need a break from the sun. You will also find a fountain, beautiful flowers and a small playground there. Another good thing is that you never know who you’ll meet in that park; so pack your backpack, put a smile on your face, and be open to strangers this summer.

Words by Martine Dahl, Student at Katedralskole


#49: On a Rainy Summer Day

While waiting for the Literature House’s fall program to come out, why not spend your rainy days at the public library? I have been an avid library goes all my life. It is free, and it has a decent selection of literature in English. Bring a book to one of the reading nooks on the second floor, for example The Sun Also Rises. Or better yet, borrow it, bring it to Sellanraa next door, and read while you drink some of the best coffee in Trondheim; all while the rain pours down outside the wall of windows.

Words by Kristoffer Lund Vike-Langlie, Project Manager at Technoport


#9: Walk along Nidelva

I am very fond of taking strolls, and I love elements of water in the summer. Therefore, a stroll along Nidelven is a perfect summer activity in my opinion. Stop at Marinen and have a picnic, maybe bring the radio or a game of kubb. And if the weather gets cold, visit one of the many cozy cafés in Bakklandet!

Line Holm, Project Manager at Midtbyen

#51: Late night golfing

Best enjoyed between 21:00-23:00

Pack up some of your favourite cold beverages and head into the city centre. Get on bus #5 and hop off at Havsteinflata. After walking 200 meters eastward you’ll end up at gem called Trondheimpar3golf. Overlooking the entire city and fjord, this is a prime spot to catch the sunset as you play the course. Only 80 NOK pay to play, no greencard needed and club rentals are free. The course is perfect place to start if you’ve never played golf before.

Words by Aleksander Schei, Pstereo and Byscenen by day. Trondheim Elektroverksted and Stundom Records by night.


#56: Time for hobby

My friend Elise and I enjoy dancing Lindy hop, and after months of hard work and stress at school it will be nice to focus on our hobby this summer. Although there are no lindy hop dedicated events in town, we encourage dancing outside. It is such a social dance, and therefore a great opportunity to meet new, interesting people and make new friends.

Words by Leah Myren Bystad, Student at Rosenborg School

Photos by Maura March and Théo Duperret



#57: Munkholmen

Norway is full of islands, and today is the day to visit one. Take the little boat from Ravnkloa and enjoy the short trip while leaving Trondheim behind you. As soon as you arrive, you have a beautiful 360° view from the middle of the fjord. You can visit the old parts of the island in a guided tour for 50 NOK, or simply take a coffee and enjoy the view. If you’re craft-interested, there is a nice collection of traditional objects to see as well.

Words by Théo Duperret, international student at Tiller vidergående skole


#10: Korsvika


Is there anything better than a warm, sunny Norwegian summer day spent relaxing by Tronhejmsfjord? Whenever the weather gods smile down on the city I pack up some food, a blanket, a bottle of something bubbly, and head to soak up some vitamin D along the coast at Korsvika. Bonus points if it’s warm enough to take a little dip!

Words and photos by Courtney Lineback, General Manager at Habitat


#71: Frosta

I love taking a day trip (or a whole weekend) to the peninsula of Frosta and island of Tautra! Located just one hour north of Trondheim, this is a great place to just relax and pick up some fresh vegetables from one of the many farms in Frosta. If you want to spend the night, rent a cabin at Frosta Fjordbuer, and make sure you make your way to the small island of Tautra nearby to try the local brew and enjoy the beautiful scenery!

Ina Morken Midtun, Marketing and Coordinator at Rockheim


#94: Craft beer

With craft beer rising in popularity, the niche of sour beers has become more known and available as well. Sour beers can range widely in character, but share being intentionally exposed to wild bacteria and yeasts during the brewing process. This produces an acidic flavour and other unique flavour compounds. The brewpub Habitat probably has the most intriguing selection in Trondheim, but whether there or somewhere else, I would ask for a Berliner Weisse.

Words by Daniel Ihlen Ekelund, Product developer AT AssiStep

Photo by Sebastian Bjerkvik


#43: Family Frisbee Fun

In my spare time I like to play Frisbee Golf. In Trondheim we have three courses. There is no fee for using the courses and so it is also a great activity to play with kids, whatever their age. You can even push a pram around the course with if the little one is too young to throw! And because the courses are located in green areas around town, you can also bring a ball or some water balloons for a lighthearted break from the action.

Words by Leiv Aspén, Producer at Bennett