The Idrettsfestivalen (Sports festival), is returning to Trondheim in 2018. The festival gives the opportunity for adults and others to participate in team and individual sports, or just enjoy some physical activity. The event is a great place to engage with a community of your favorite sport, or gain some information on how to participate in a new one. The list of the activities planned for Idrettsfestivalen is long; containing about ten sports ranging from bowling to group fitness programs. There will also be ample time to meet with other participants at some of the arranged “GetTogethers” that are a key aspect of the festival.

Idrettsfestivalen started back in 2007 with a focus on getting people involved in the sports community in Trondheim, and in Norway. Bringing people together is a major goal of the festival–the fun that comes along with it is certainly an added bonus! Idrettsfestivalen has quickly become the largest event of its kind in Norway and each year the number of participants, volunteers, and spectators grows.

Registration for the event is now closed, but the activities are sure to be enjoyable as a spectator; along with the other events planned to coincide with the festival. As a spectator your entrance is free, and you’ll need to check the website and Facebook for schedules. Idrettsfestivalen offers a unique opportunity for people to get out and be physically active, meet people with similar interests as participants and spectators engage in the sports community in Trondheim.

Date: 11 – 21 January
Location: Ingvald Ystgaards vei 3A, 7047 Trondheim, Norway
Time: Varied
Price: Free


The Barokkfest, or Baroque Music Festival, is a growing tradition since its inception in 2013. It is a week of beautiful classical music to be played in some of the city’s most beautiful and iconic buildings, played by world class musicians. The period of music has some of the most elegant and well-loved pieces of music, from timeless composers like Bach, Vivaldi, Pachelbel and Handel.
This years “theme” is “Triumph”, and on February 3rd we will set up Händels Il Trionfo del tempo in Nidarosdomen with TSO Tidlig. We have also invited the spanish group Recondita Armonia led by the refreshingly young and spirited Lixsania Fernández on viola da gamba.

To kick off the festival, the opening concert will be in the Frimurerlogen 29. January with conductor Patrick Cohën-Akenine and the Nordic Baroque Orchestra. Tuesday there will be a concert in Nidarosdomen with Marianne-Beate Kielland (mezzo), Carlos Mena (contra-tenor) and Jean-Luc Ho (organ).

In addition, there is a lot of other things going on, such as a late-night concert from the Wagner Organ, and the “Familiedag på Ringve” at Ringve Museum dedicated to families and children, with concerts, book readings and a guided tour in their exhibition. And to close out the festivities, and returning to Frimurerlogen, a concert with L’Arpeggiata, led by Christina Pluhars,  whose sounds will  sweep you south across the Mediterranean as the farewell.


Title: Barokkfest
Date: 29. Jan – 4. Feb
Price: Diverse
Place: Diverse

Planetarium at Vitensenteret

When its cold and dark in the reaches of Trondheim, why not explore the cold and dark reaches of space? The new planetarium at Vitesenteret allows you to do just that. Sit back, relax, and prepare for lift-off as you travel through space, time, and whatever else is out there.


The planetarium opened during the summer with the film “The Man From the Nine Dimensions”. If you didn’t happen to catch the film the first time around, Vitensenteret will still give you the opportunity to see it throughout December. The film is mad by an unlikely partnership between a theoretical physicist and a horror filmmaker has produced a surprising result: a family-friendly movie that aims to explain the universe in about 30 minutes. The film dramatizes the pursuit of the elusive “theory of everything” that would explain the fundamental laws of nature — both the microscopic (where quantum mechanics explain how things work) and the macroscopic world of the universe (where gravity governs).


Also being shown throughout the end of the year is the film “To Space and Back”. The film takes its audience on an incredible journey from the far reaches of our known universe and back to our own planet. It the story of human ingenuity, incredible engineering, and describes how the technology that transports us through space paves the way for the devices and apps we use every day.


Both films will be shown with Norwegian and English subtitles (at separate screenings). For students, teachers, kids (young and old), looking for something fun to do indoors, check out the films playing at Vitensenteret’s Planetarium.




Date: Everyday

Locations: Vitensenteret i Trondheim

Time: 10-16 Monday-Friday 11-17 Sunday

Price: 59-95 NOK

Extra Information:

100 Things To Do This Summer #1: Jazz and Improvised Music

Though summer, and July especially, are quite slow for live music in Trondheim, there are still some places you can hear live music ranging from jazz and improvisation to Americana and rock stuff. These are mostly small venues that provide a more intimate atmosphere. Here are a few tips if you want to hear live music during the holidays. Starting with my personal favorite Moskus – an excellent bar in addition to being super nice, small place to hear live music. Still hungry for music? Visit Antikvariatet, Ila Brainnstasjon, or Kafé Skuret.

Welcome to the 100 Things to do this summer


A summer spent in Trondheim can be one of the most rewarding Norwegian experiences, especially if you know how to get the most out of this rich and varied landscape. Much like a fine wine, a Trøndelag summer takes time to mature. All those months of cleaning away the winter grit and tidying up your garden, will be repaid in the form of long, work-free evenings, spent with friends at one of the region’s many events, or perhaps alone on a bike or a mountain in the midnight dusk.

There is a tranquility about spending summer in Trondheim, which is punctuated by festivals and activities, spellbinding enough to stimulate even the most lazy of hammock-dwellers. The List asked 100 of its readers, writers, partners and advertisers what they are looking forward to this summer. Here we share their tips, secrets, insights and advice: your definitive guide to a season of fun!

Monday 7th March – Kosmorama starts

Well Listers, it’s official…Kosmorama, Trondheim’s international film festival is coming for our viewing pleasure this week! Your inner cinephile can hardly wait! So what exactly is Kosmorama, you might ask? Kosmorama is a six-day film festival which will be happening from March 8-13, mostly in Trondheim’s Kinosenter. The festival consists of the screenings of more than 70 films – some obscure, some mainstream, some for kids and some for adults.

Besides the movie screenings, there will be guest speakers, seminars, parties, a quiz night and activities for kids. During the day on Saturday and Sunday, there will be a free exhibition in the Nova foyer where kids can explore an app made by Ablemagic in Trondheim.


If you feel like learning, several seminars will be accessible for free. Amnesty: Human Rights and Terrorism will be free on Thursday evening at the library. Film buffs may want to join Friday & Saturday night’s film quiz (in Norwegian). The festival will screen several classic movies including Fargo, Singin’ in the Rain, Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, and 2001: A Space Odyssey. 2001: A Space Odyssey will include a presentation by Douglas Trumbull, who supervised the special photographic effects of the film. Other highly anticipated films include The Idol about a man from Gaza who won Arab Idol in 2012, Carol, Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-nominated New York romance, Spotlight, the star-studded drama about investigative journalism, and Welcome to Norway, a dark comedy about a racist hotel-owner who sets up an asylum centre to save his business.

Many of the films have subtitles and most have multiple showings. What’s great is that many international films have English subtitles, which means that those of us who are not great at reading Norwegian get a chance to see some fantastic world
cinema. Inside information tells us Wednesday is the day not to miss. Check out or our programme in the current issue of The List for screening times and more information on the films.

Dates: 8-13 March
Tickets: 100 NOK (Student/senior 75 NOK)
Festival pass: 975 NOK (Student/senior 675 NOK)