Appreciation sealed in glass

nikol_herec_homemadegifts7-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_plDays are getting shorter and shorter; Christmas and winter are coming and so is the season of celebration and gifts-giving. In the last issue, The List has prepared a guide to homemade and delicious gifts. Together with Matias, our Head of Sales, I came up with ideas for Christmas presents quite in advance. We are therefore ready for Christmas quite early in the year 🙂 Jars of blueberry jams, apple marmalades, currant syrups, and bottles of mead are getting dust on basement shelves waiting to be gift-wrapped and handed to our loved ones. nikol_herec_homemadegifts6-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_plAlthough too late to make mead (as it takes 6 weeks to be fully finished), you still have time to prepare some jams and to be inspired by the article about gift-giving. nikol_herec4-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_plnikol_herec_homemadegifts1-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_plGifts are the very essence of celebrating the people we love. They are not about showing off how much money was spent or how trendy the actual present itself is. Gift-giving should be about showing one another that we care. No matter if you are celebrating the birthday party of your best friend, your own wedding anniversary, or Christmas Eve, the most important part is to say: I appreciate you.

Photos by Nikol Herec
Words by Kasia Gasiorek