The List is Trondheim’s first and only English language publication. Everything that goes on, goes in.

Our aim is to become a flagship for the international community in Trondheim. There is great stuff going on right now, right outside your door and we’re determined to share it with you.
The List is comprised of collection of engaged, local professionals who squeeze out extra hours of their days to communicate what’s going on.

The List is published every two months and is available from all major hotels in Trondheim, most bars and cafes, NTNU, the airport buses and many other places. We have fixed stands at Habitat café (Olav Trygvassons Gate 30), Brattørkaia ferry terminal, Trondheim Torg information desk and Nidarosdomen Visitor Centre, Bunnpris Elgeseter gate, Student Samfundet … and many more, so you will never be without a copy.

We are smart people, and you can meet us all here.

Wil Lee-Wright: Editor-in-chief

Jaya Thomlison: Editor

Andy Natt: Creative Director

Ida Lee-Wright: Contributing Editor

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