#91: Sour leaves

Did you know that there are lots of edible plants growing free in the region? One of the most easy to recognize is Engsyre, or Common Sorrel. Sorrel is a sour plant, and Norwegian children love eating the leaves. In the old times it was used as a medicine and is thought to be both diuretic and antiseptic. This summer my three-year-old actually introduced me to another variant, the Wood Sorrel (Gjøksyre). Use both variants as garnish on a salad or in soups to add flavor, the white flowers look really pretty on a salad too. Be aware though, both plants contains a lot of Oxalic Acid which can lead to poisoning if eaten in abundance. Wash or poach the plants to remove the oxalic acid if you plan on using large amounts. Happy foraging!

Ida Bondø Lee-Wrigh, Consultant at Headspin Advertising