#63: St. Olavspranget walking routes


Length: 6.2 km

Duration: circa 2 hours

Difficulty: Easy

From the inmost parking lot in Tømmerdalen (timber valley) we follow the gravel road towards the farm Tømmerdal Nordre. On the way to the cliffs there is a great opportunity to admire Holstdammen lake.


Length: 10 km

Duration: circa 4 hours

Difficulty: Easy

Not too different from hike #1 but includes a segment to Herbernheia, where you have the option to go swimming, or enjoy the view of Herberndammen.


Length: 17.5 km

Duration: circa 4 hours, 40 minutes

Medium / Demanding

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Words by Henrik Lerdahl, Media Assistant at Trondheims Turistforening

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