#44: Along Hansbakkfjæra

My favorite walk is along a scenic stretch of the Pilgrim’s Way that follows the fjord from Hansbakken to the Grillstad Marina. From Ranheimsvegen 230, head towards the coast, cross the little footbridge over the train tracks and take in the amazing view of the fjord.  Follow the path towards Trondheim, passing beaches, boathouses, backyard gardens, a fingerling forest, and footbridges over creeks and marshland. You will see shore birds galore, and if you are lucky, perhaps a cormorant drying his feathers on the old piers, or my favourites the oystercatchers! Plenty of places to picnic along the way, and great for bikes as well.

Words and photo by Megan Eymann Smalø, Founder of Pinnsvin Crossing