#25: Olavsfestdagene


Olavsfestdagene fills Trondheim with festivity, street life, concerts, lectures, and services every summer.  St. Olav’s festival (this is how we can translate it to English) commemorates Olav Haraldsson who died in the battle at Stiklestad in 1030 when trying to bring Christianity to Norway.  Sainted Olav remained a symbol of the town, which turned into an important site for pilgrims. The purpose of St. Olav Festival is to strengthen Trondheim as a national ecclesiastical and cultural center. Miljøpakken plays a modest role at the festival by offering free and safe bicycle parking every year. The parking hotel in a close proximity to Erkebispegården is popular among participants who travel to town by bike. Trondheim is a relatively compact city. 140,000 can cycle to Olavsfestdagene and return home in less than one hour if they choose to ride a bike. Olavsfestdagene wants to make Trondheim visible as a place that values inclusivity and embraces everyone. Miljøpakken wants to make Trondheim a role model as a brave city fighting climate change. I am looking forward to experience the great atmosphere of the festival and particularly concerts in Erkebispegården.

Words by Hans Kringstad, Communications advisor at Trondheim kommune

Photo by Wil Lee-Wright

Olavsfestdagene 2017

Anno i Erkebispegården (Historical Trades TV show)

Nidarosdomen (Nidaros Cathedral Information)