#24: Pstereo

From serious music lovers, hipsters, and those between the ages of 18 to 50, Pstereo is the big happening in Trondheim this summer. The festival provides both a rare meeting spot for the 30 to 40 somethings with babysitters, and spaces for those who follow closely what is happening on all the separate stages. Musically, its variety gives something for everyone through a blend of fresh indie and rock while throwing in some nostalgia for the “grown-ups”. In its eleven years of existence, Pstereo has had a lot of amazing acts. I’m most looking forward to seeing shoegaze legends Slowdive (UK), Swedish rapper Silvana Iman, and melodic indie pop masters Beach Fossils (US). The ever energetic and exciting Cymbals Eat Guitars (US) will make a most welcome return to the festival. And you certainly don’t wanna miss the local rising stars Pom Poko, who look set for a UK breakthrough this year!

Words by Vegard Enlid, Journalist at Adresseavisen

Photos by Wil Lee-Wright