#21: Drivhusfestivalen

Drivhusfestivalen (3-6 August) might be the perfect antidote to the spread of commercialized, big name events. Located on the idyllic small island of Magerøya, just west of Trondheim (thankfully not the equally named island at the northern-most point of Norway!), this event is a gathering of like-minded friends; “gardeners” as they call themselves. ‘Drivhus’ translates to greenhouse, and an apt description of the environment you could find yourself in – a place where you can just enjoy the sun and the water, enjoy some cooking, bathing, playing and rediscovering nature. Local DJs and bands are featured, but it’s not about who’s who – it’s about contributing, getting to know new people, and ultimately disconnecting from your own busy life.

For more info check driv-huset.com

Words by Andrew Christopher Anfinnsen, Freelance event producer and DJ