Happy issue 14!

Can you believe it’s already middle January? That means The List issue 14 hit the streets almost 3 weeks ago! Here, at The List, we all hope you’ve already picked up a copy for yourself and your mates but for those who haven’t… an overview of the issue, here it comes! It is focusing on mind and body as we want to support you in your New Year’s resolutions 🙂cover_DSC_5509.jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_plThe List is proud to have a wonderful portrait of Kjersti Buaas on its cover, the photo taken by our Photography Editor, Nikol Herec. We are even more excited about an interview with the professional athlete, in which she explains how she copes with competition, what does it mean for her to be Norwegian, and how she achieves the balance between mind and body.DSC_9048.jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_pl

DSC_4691.jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_pl In addition to an inspiring feature with Kjersti, we also encourage you to find a copy of the magazine to indulge in articles about yoga, history of ISFiT, and Tråante Festival. There is a room for some serious features as well, such as interviews with Norwegian Prime Minister, and Student Peace Prize Winner.Adria Scharmen_
Happy issue 14, dear readers. And oops, almost forgot! Late happy New Year 🙂 Better late than never, right? 🙂 We hope you will stay with us in 2017 as it’s going to be packed!

Photos by Adria Scharmen and Nikol Herec
Words by Kasia Gasiorek