Merry Christmas

Christmas is in three days! Trondheim Julemarked has come and gone but that’s ok! Christmas will be here in a blink of an eye.

A lot of us are going to travel in all possible directions to catch up on the family life, meet the loved ones and just…disconnect from the busy world while eating, drinking and chatting with our nearest and dearest. For many of us, Christmas is the favourite time of year. In the last issue of the List that focuses on the concept of celebration, our lovely contributor, Courtney Lineback asked our readers to share their ideas on the concept of celebration. All of them agreed that Christmas is all about gatherings.

“Celebration for me means to share happiness with my closest people,” said Agnieszka. Mayra added, “it is a time to spend with the people you like.” It is all about “family, friends, chatting, laughing and music” for Haley, Anna, and Tim, who pointed out that once you meet with your loved ones in order to celebrate, you finally have time to indulge in meaningful conversations and good food.

Curious what are their favourite traditions? Take a break in Christmas shopping madness and preparations and find the article entitled Let’s Get The International Festivities Started in the last issue of The List and keep your eyes wide open, The List issue 14 will be out on 1 January!

We will be away for a while now eating tons of delicious food, drinking gløgg and meeting up with the loved ones. Merry Christmas everyone! God jul og godt nytt år!elisabeth_jakobsen1-jak-zmniejszyc-fotke_pl

Photo by Elisabeth Jakobsen
Words by Kasia Gasiorek

Julemarked, here we go!

The time finally came. It seems to me that Trondheim people wait for this period of time the entire year, being only slightly interrupted by summer holidays, and only if we are lucky enough to get some warmth over here in the summertime 🙂 Otherwise, Christmas time wins.
Coming back to my point, a lot of people will agree with me that Trondheim is a great town to celebrate. The fact it’s dark outside makes it even better as it brings the cozy atmosphere. With all the Christmas decorations, lamps, candles, and on the top of it, of course, Trondheim Christmas market in the heart of the city, Trondheim is doing its best to make us forget we barely see any daylight.julemarked_2016_93a7814What is about Julemarked that Norwegians can’t imagine Christmas without being on one of them? Does it make Christmas more real? Might be. The time cities host Christmas markets is almost a peak of anticipation. Two weeks to go until we will have holidays. Two weeks until we will finally unwrap the Christmas gifts and indulge ourselves in all kinds of delicious food.julemarked_2016_93a7802Seeing all those Christmas decorations, local food and piles of all kinds of regional products from woolen socks and organic honey to ‘gløgg’ and ‘elkpølse’ we start feeling Christmas is coming for real.
Happy December everyone!

Words by Kasia Gasiorek

It’s already December!

Something magical happens in December. Christmas and celebration time is approaching us so fast, yet we can’t wait for Christmas to come. Is it really Christmas or the time just before which is actually the most exciting? For me, the feeling of anticipation and rising excitement when streets turn to be one huge Christmas market is even better than Christmas itself.

We are opening the first box in the Christmas Calendar today. Relishing it, we start counting down days until holidays. The feeling of anticipation every morning , when we can finally open the next window with a tiny piece of chocolate, is what many associate December with.

For some, however, this anticipation is knitted not to a chocolate calendar but to a musical one. Have you ever heard about Alternativ Julekalender? As Arne, Jonny and Stian define it, this is essentially a musical newsletter. Under the label of Riot Factory, these three restless guys release one song each day of Advent. All are recorded particularly for the sake of the calendar, what makes up 24 new songs every year, created with amazing local contributors who, pretty often are about to kick off their careers.alternativ_jul_2013_firkantWhat’s on the plate today? It seems they started with Nedsnødd på Julaften by Tre Små Kinere.Enjoy!alternativ_julekalender_2010_svart_uten_stripaekort.inddIt’s fun. It’s alternative. It’s Christmas in Trondheim.

Illustrations by Riot Factory
Words by Kasia Gasiorek