Saturday jazz celebration at Dokkhuset

wp_20161022_21_45_52_proDays are getting shorter, so are my weekend trips. In the chase for some warmth and light, I am heading indoors rather than outdoors. Fortunately for me, Trondheim offers quite a lot of opportunities for both!

Last Saturday I went to Dokkhuset for the first time since I arrived in town and I loved it! I learned something about jazz scene and music history in the area, as well as the experienced cozy atmosphere in a club located by the canal. All the candles inside and city lights reflected in the water outside, together with friendly staff and great musical performances made me relieved – winter is coming but who cares! There are cozy places in town.

I went to see a double concert of Kirsti,Ola&Erik and then Bjørn Alterhaug Quintet. Although sick and accompanied by nose drops and pills, Kirsti sung wonderfully and together with Ole and Erik she played some covers of famous songs like “Teardrop” by Massive Attack or “The Day Before You Came” by Abba. After a short “cigarette break” the Quintet came and totally rocked it!
At that point, I felt I was taking part in a proper celebration of jazz. The celebration of drums, bass, piano, and saxophone. If you ever have a chance to see Bjørn Alterhaug Quintet playing live, don’t miss out on them!wp_20161022_20_17_04_pro


Words and photos by Kasia Gąsiorek

Rockheim, David Bowie and pent Trøndersk

A short citation from the lecturer Torgrim Eggen „Trøndersk er pent” pretty much describes last Friday night at Rockheim. Eggen, when asked in trøndersk by a lady from the audience didn’t need a translation. Neither needs it music, does it? Although my proficiency in Norwegian is rather limited or not existing, I very much enjoyed a musical lecture on David Bowie in Rockheim.rocI like the place itself. Rockheim, the national museum for popular music, lies just by the fjord in modern, fancy building that reminds me of another museum, back in my home country. Pleasant atmosphere, great initiatives, and wonderful music – that’s all I need when the week is over and I can relax with a sweet thought of a weekend in my mind.dsc_2753Eggen is a great speaker, who delivered a full of passion musical lecture about Bowie’s Berlin period. Jiggling around, he spoke about Bowie’s inspirations, problems and roots of his music, played songs and had a great time with the audience.dsc_2759-4
Photos by Nikol Herec
Words by Kasia Gąsiorek

Autumn loading…

Have you been on a Sunday trip recently? Batteries charged, stress reduced? Perfect! Trondheim has been so lucky with the weather this autumn that although we are now in the middle of the week, we are already thinking about the weekend and how to spice it up with some more adventurous activities! dsc_4336

It can’t get any more Norwegian than to put on hiking shoes together with woolen underwear and, with Kvikk lunsj in the backpack, head out on a Sunday trip!In the last issue of The List we focused on friluftsliv and in the previous blog post we were encouraging you to “leave your phone at home and hike in Bymarka”. What about climbing, biking, hunting or fishing this time? Let yourself disconnect from the city life and indulge in nature. It’s the middle of hunting season now, still good weather for biking and a season for fishing. Outdoor enthusiasts should all be happy now. Let’s get ready for a frosty morning in the woods with a rifle, rod or bike.well-camp-here

To learn more about experiencing the woods when hunting, biking and fishing, grab a copy of The List #12 and let us take you for a journey into frosty and sunny autumn Sunday mornings.wp_20161009_14_25_49_pro

Photos by Nikol Herec, Adria Scharmen and Kasia Gąsiorek
Words by Kasia Gąsiorek

Leave your phone at home and hike in Bymarka

… or anywhere else! In the last issue of The List we investigated what are the best methods of spending free time and you know what? The best is to spend it outdoors!tine_blomsoy2Bymarka, the closest touch of pure wild nature just behind your door, might be sometimes underestimated by those who value demanding hikes into the woods. However, it does not seem to disappoint those who, like me, have just started their outdoor adventures or prefer strolling around in nature rather than challenging themselves in harsh conditions.

As a newcomer to town, I’m enjoying not only getting to know the city itself but also investigating the Norwegian soul. There are quite a few things that amazed me so far. Interestingly enough they are all somehow connected to nature. On the top of them are Sunday trips – a genius concept! Whatever the weather, the Norwegian woods get literally crowded on Sundays. No matter the age, Norwegians leave home and spend this day outdoors. They might struggle with “leaving their phone at home” but pretty much half of population of Trondheim “hike in Bymarka” at the weekends. The beauty of Bymarka boils down to the simple fact that you barely need any preparation. However, it is, without a doubt, advisable to do it the Norwegian way: good hiking shoes and clothes fitting to the weather as in Norway “there is no bad weather but only bad clothing”.tine_blomsoy4 Gulabuddin Sukhanwar has been investigating the Norwegian nature longer than me and finds it so relaxing and refreshing that he even got inspired to write down a poem about it. I recommend you find it in the last issue of The List, it’s definitely worth the attention.

He points out that disconnecting from the Internet and a phone is sometimes not only a good idea but in fact a necessary thing to do in order to listen to yourself and not get lost in busy stressful life. Sometimes all you need is just to immerse in nature, take a deep breath, close your eyes and let yourself indulge in the silence of a

Photos by Tine Blomsøy
Words by Kasia Gąsiorek