Pstereo 2016 – day three

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The curtain came down on Pstereo after a full three days with luminous sunshine and left most of the town in a blissful hung-over state. The List was present throughout the festival, though by day three we were getting a bit knackered… So when The Lumineers showed up with too complicated restrictions for our photographer he decided to give it a miss. You got a photo of the bar though didn’t you Andy!? 😉

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The free event Familiekonsterten during daytime Saturday is an annual event appreciated by many. It gives the young families of Trondheim the opportunity to partake in the festival, offspring in tow! Yeah, it’s not the same as actually being child-free and drinking beer throughout the evening, but for a couple of blissful hours it feels like you’re in a European town (the weather helped!). Since this is a family friendly event, it came as somewhat of a shock when Daniel Kvammen asked everyone to sing along to his chorus on Karmafae. It’s the first time I’ve ever heard someone being able to get all the adults at a concert shut up and look at each-other – is he actually just singing “Faen Ta” time and time again? The answer is yes – perhaps not the best choice of song for a child-friendly event…
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Astri S put on a great concert, and had the crowd happily swaying along.

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We do have a photo of the lovely The Lumineers banner, sorry we couldn’t do much more than that. But we can however tell you that the show was pretty magical; serene and lovely, and when Wesley Schultz jumped off stage and came singing through the crowd it wasn’t far off one of those scenes when girls start taking their panties off and throwing them at him. That guy’s definitively got the charms and the makings of a singer-songwriter to go down in history.

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Dumdumboys put on a nice show and for the first time in their career dedicated a whole set to just one album, from back-to-back they played songs from their 1990 album “Pstereo” in honour of the festival’s 10-year-anniversary.They laughed and joked about it on set, saying they weren’t entirely sure how they’d let themselves be persuaded to do so. Regardless, they played to a full crowd as pretty much every festival-visitor gathered around the main stage for the round of off Pstereo 2016.
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Thank you Pstereo – this was an awesome year and everyone at The List is looking forward to the next one already!

Photos: Andy Natt
Words: Ida Bondø Lee-Wright

Pstereo 2016 – day two

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Day two and it all got a bit too much for some people. OK, me… it got a bit too much for me! My Pstereo clock is set to two-day-mode, and so I peaked a bit early. It seemed as though this was not a problem for everyone else however and this year’s festival will certainly go down as a classic in terms of ‘stemning’ (atmosphere) and music. The Thurston Moore Band had people running for the ear plugs as the infamous guitarist’s explosive sound and sweeping riffs pushed the sound men to their limits. I spoke to Kristian Berger, Dahls’ Brewery Ambassador and friend of the festival, who has been a lifelong fan of the band.

“I was working (at the brewery) before the concert and this woman came in. I don’t know how she got in, we were meant to be closed. I was about to ask her to leave when I realised that she was with Thurston Moore! They asked for a tour and so I had the great pleasure to show them the brewery and hang out with them after the concert.”

Never meet your heroes they say, but if you run a brewery with connections to Brooklyn, and a musical institution walks into your workplace in Norway, you gotta make an exception hey!?

And then back at the festival it all got a bit electro-poppy, in a good way, with Veronica Maggio, Dagny and Highasakite all doing their thing. Sandwiched in between was Hudson Mohawke who absolutely smashed it. Here’s a taster:

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Wil_Lee-Wright_The_List_Pstereo_2016_93A6202 copy

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All photos Wil Lee-Wright

Pstereo 2016 – day one

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Amazing kick off to this year’s Pstereo. There is something about this festival that I just love: a buzz about town which nothing else quite achieves. I love the fact that people’s heads are up, away from their phones, smiling and soaking up all the music, vibes and company around them. Didn’t hurt that the weather was perfect! This is the first year the festival has extended to three days and it still sold out. Cant wait to see what the next two days have in store, here are just a few of the moments so far:

Wil_Lee-Wright_The_List_Pstereo_2016_93A4633 copy

Wil_Lee-Wright_The_List_Pstereo_2016_93A4668 copy

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Wil_Lee-Wright_The_List_Pstereo_2016_93A4950 copy

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Wil_Lee-Wright_The_List_Pstereo_2016_93A5124 copy

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Wil_Lee-Wright_The_List_Pstereo_2016_93A5245 copy

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Wil_Lee-Wright_The_List_Pstereo_2016_93A5537 copy

All photos by Wil Lee-Wright

Olavsfestdagane – How Like An Angel


Wow, what an ending to another fantastic week of events in Trondheim. The List has have been working with both Olavsfestdagene and the Trøndersk Food and Brewery Festival, publishing programmes for both in the latest issue and doing lots of coverage during … and now we have that sort empty feeling after something so big you have been waiting for has come and gone. But what a way to wrap up to the weekend: How Like An Angel was everything it promised to be and more.

I honestly did not know what to expect, even though I had been in the cathedral for a tour earlier that day and stumbled across the dress rehearsal. I quickly averted my eyes trying not to ruin the surprise! But I should not have feared because the show itself was unexplainable and full of unexpected surprises. Now that this trip of British musicians and Australian acrobats have finished and left, I suppose it is no spoiler to reveal some of the most breathtaking movements, when one of the guys seemingly plummeted to his death for example, only to be caught on a mat in the crowd which they had surreptitiously wiggled into the crowd.

The audience was all standing, right in and amongst the action. There was a variety of trapeze and the aerial silk performance, framed perfectly by the cathedral’s stain glass windows, was so close that when the artist rolled up and down the cloth, or span, we felt the breeze of the performance on our faces. All photos by Laura-An Morrison:








Patti Smith – a blessing to the audience


Two shows within one day? Well, why not! If it’s not a problem for Patti Smith, it shouldn’t be a problem for me neither. I literally regret I didn’t attend both concerts on 4 August at 4pm and 8:30pm. Intensive day for the punk rock legend meant twice the enjoyment for her fans in Trondheim. The fact it took place in Vår Frue Kirke made me even more delighted with her voice, atmosphere and the whole idea of Olavsfestdagene.

Vår Frue Kirke is becoming my favourite location for concerts, here in Trondheim. It was perfect for Simin Tander and Tord Gustavsen but it seems that the church was built for Patti Smith.


Apart from her wonderful voice, she turned out to be a great speaker introducing almost each piece and encouraging audience to enjoy the show. It was just perfect.

Trøndersk matfestival from Kasia’s perspective

Hello again, as promised here comes update from Kasia on what’s on in the town!


On Thursday I investigated a bit what you guys eat here in Trøndelag. Not that I was surprised but it seems you mostly consume fish, out of which I really liked smoked salmon and sushi. I found plenty of different kinds of fish and meat and even bear burgers (!), the idea of which shocks me a bit, I must admit.



Apart from that I tried loads of delicious cheese and sweets. They have many food samples so even if you don’t feel like spending money, I recommend you go to Torget and try some goodies which are being served in Trondheim until 6 August.



Olavsfestdagene – Aurora / Karpe Diem

The high of every summer is seeing the playbill announced for music festivals, and realising that the place to be is your hometown. This year’s Olavsfestdagene outpaced expectations for festival-goers of all tastes, and it was no surprise when a duo of heavy hitters was to perform together with the Nidarosdomen cathedral as their backdrop. With the rising alt-pop star Aurora set to open for Karpe Diem, a hip-hop group beloved across generations, the stage was set for an electric performance in the late summer twilight of Trondheim. And what a show it was!

Aurora’s set was a perfect example of the performances she has become so well known for over the past year, stylish, intense, and alive. Like a whirling dervish, she commanded attention through fits and spins, her body travelling distances to match the rhythms of her spacious pop appraisals. Though many were undoubtedly seeing her for the first time, the young artist’s songs were venerated as hymnals echoed throughout the crowd.

It was no secret, however, which artist the crowd had come to see. Karpe Diem is revered for their deft fusions of pop rap anthems and politically shrewd hip-hop. Though a newcomer to the band, it was difficult for me to not want to immediately enlist as disciple their musical crusade. The crowd became one as the infamous frontmen Magdi and Chirag played marionette with the passions of the evening. The sky bowed as the crowd swayed, reverential before the two exceptional performers. For yours truly, it was a proper schooling. For anyone out there not yet anointed, in the words of the Notorious B.I.G., if you don’t know, now you know.







Words and all photos by Kyle Mcclanahan

Olavsfestdagene – through Kasia’s eyes

_93A9961 copy
Hello everybody! I’m Kasia, a newcomer to the town, imported straight from Poland, starting a fantastic journey with The List as Deputy Editor from this month on (that’s me on the right above, wandering about the picturesque Historical Market outside Nidarosdomen). You will hear quite a lot from me during the following months so get ready and follow me in investigating what is going on in Trondheim. Being new to the town makes me super curious, how about you?

I arrived just in time to participate in Olavsfestdagene, which I started checking out with a classy concert in Vår Frue kirke of a Norwegian pianist Tord Gustavsen and a German singer Simin Tander. Elegant, warm and a little bit exotic – this musical trip turned out to be a perfect way of spending Sunday evening.

Yesterday’s performance of a comedian Ruben Gazki was a big change of scene for me. It was in Norwegian, which only made me laugh a couple of times less then the rest of the audience! Great presentation of a Norwegian humour in Ytre Kongsgård both for children and adults.

I’m excited to be here, and excited to be part of The List. I’m also looking forward to see the Patti Smith concert on Thursday (4pm and 8:30pm, sold out) and on How Like an Angel, an acrobatics show in Nidarosdomen on Tuesday and Friday 6:30pm, and also on Sunday 7pm and 11pm.
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