Charta 77 / Feet-Punk

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Last night I checked out Charta 77 at Byscenen, who have been playing for exactly as long as I have been alive. Reminded me of the Levellers, and a proper loyal following they brought with them too.

But to be honest I was there to see my mate’s band, Feet-Punk, who were supporting. These Kolvereid boys have been writing their own footnote on punk for nearly 15 years now, and I’ve been watching them for 11 of those. They’re infamous for their extremely short songs, which caused some consternation between me and the Byscenen security. Their policy is that you can only shoot for the first three songs, which is about a minute and half in Feet-Punk territory.

Anyway, you get what you get, and I also got some blurry shots backstage after, where we enjoyed a nice half cup of coffee, and shared 6 beers 😉


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Take 6 take over


Last night’s Take 6 concert was moved to Vår Frue church, on account of the ongoing strikes at many of the hotels. But to be honest, we can’t think of a better location for this American acappella longstayers. Here are some shots from the experience – be sure to check whether what you are seeing tonight at jazzfest has been moved or not.

Personally I love the chance to see great music in unusual places – and the evening light creeping in through the church windows gave the whole concert a fresh feeling. So nice to go out without a jacket! Tonight, however, we recommend a concert at a classic venue, the home of jazz in Trondheim, Dokkhuset. Mats Eilertsen is one for all you jazz enthusiasts our there. The”‘Musicians’ musician” (7pm). He is accompanied by Trio Medieval, an ensemble from Voss who specialise in medieval and folk music. Trio Medieval will also be hosting a free workshop today, going on now!








presented by Ernst
presented by Ernst







some enjoyed it more than others!
some enjoyed it more than others!



All photos Wil Lee-Wright Photography

Jazz Fest warming up

DDB Lady Day Shot 1a by Mark Higashino kopi

There is a shedload going on this month; the start of an epic spring-summer for music in Trondheim. The wise man might be tempted to pace himself, but we never claimed to be wise. Instead we are readying ourselves for a week of world class music, night after night, with the return of Trondheim Jazzfest.


Trondheim’s very own international jazz festival has been around in one form or another since 1980 and now it’s back with a boom. The List spoke to Ernst Wiggo Sandbakk, Jazzfest’s general manager, with responsibility for the festival’s artistic content.

“Trondheim has a high international standing in the world of jazz, not least because of the success of Jazzlinja at NTNU (a programme which offers education in a creative jazz, started in 1979), which has delivered forerunners for new European jazz for decades.”

“We’re working on making Jazzfest an established destination, though we are quite different from other festivals in general. I think we have an excellent festival programme, because we have a large proportion of homegrown productions, as well as commissioned works and world premieres: collaborations playing together for the first time, etc.”

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 14.00.33

This year’s Jazzfest kicks off with what promises to be a spectacular performance with the three-time Grammy Award winning American jazz singer, Dee Dee Bridgewater, pictured above. Her glittering career has seen her share stages with greats such as Sonny Rollins, Dizzy Gillespie, Dexter Gordon and Max Roach, but tonight it will Trondheim’s leading professional big band, Knut Lauritzen Big Band, who have that honour. We think it will hold up, but you will have to be there to experience it for yourself. Olavshallen from 8pm, some tickets still available.


Alternatively – or additionally, if you choose to ignore the pacing yourself advice – check out Karl Bjorå’ Aperture at Bar Moskus at 10pm.

The List will blogging daily throughout the festival, with photos and reviews from the day before, and tips for the good times still ahead. Like our Facebook or follow this blog to stay up-to-date. You can also heck out the website for programme information, tickets and details about the conference, consisting of seminars, workshops, “artist talks” and a panel discussion.