#18: What you should know about

Grilling is something of a national pastime here in Norway…at least when the weather cooperates. Before you fire up that grill there are a few things to keep in mind: because of the heightened fire danger in wooded areas, open flames such as grills and fire pits, are forbidden to use unless there has been heavy rain in the area. They are permitted to use in your own yard/property, but it is best to check local regulations before throwin’ a few shrimps on the…’en gangs grill’. Also, remember to never throw a hot grill or coals in a trashcan or anywhere else with flammable materials. Trondheim is full of great places to set up the grill; there are plenty of parks and open spaces in the city and the surrounding areas. There are some great locations down by the fjord and out of town (Midtsandtangen Friluftsområde for example). The excuse of grilling can be great motivation to explore our city and find a new favourite corner.

Words by Bradley Kurtz

Trondheim’s Central Fire Command