100 Things To Do This Summer #66: enjoy eco-friendly beverages

Oksana Zinczuk, Project Manager at Technoport:

Eco beverages, both alcoholic and non-, are trending. Flavours you never thought could be put into liquid form are now available, mean and green. Trondheim is quickly picking up said trend, boasting a great variety of cafes, restaurants, stores and food trucks that carry eco drinks of great variety. Are you a fan of cold drinks in the hot sun? Imagine knocking back an ice cold ginger and lemon soda, while keeping your conscience clear! Make this your personal challenge this summer – how many different flavours can you find?

Places to tempt your tastebuds:

FalafalkompanietRepslagerveita 2B

Kafé Soil, Nedre Bakklandet 20d

Habitat, Olav Tryggvasonsgate 30