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Rake Visningrom is one of the more interesting locales in Trondheim – from both an exterior and interior standpoint. The
The List’s List: Norwegian Horror Films
With the Norwegian horror festival Ramaskrik starting up today and Halloween quickly approaching, we at The List thought this might
The List Wants You!
Our small team here at The List is very proud to be representing our community in the capacity we do.
Looking for something to do this weekend? Then check out Avant Garden’s Bastard Festival; it starts tomorrow and runs through
An Interview with Per Ananiassen, Theatre Boss of Avant Garden
Boss-man Wil Lee-Wright caught up with Avant Garden’s Per Ananiassen to talk about the venue’s planned change and the performing
Under the Surface: Fascinating Photography
We had such a great response to the photography in the Under The Surface photos in the most recent issue
Compliments of the Chef: To Rom og Kjøkken
Cooking, like most skills, takes a bit of practice and a general willingness to learn. A great meal is no
#60: Lademoen Park
Located just between busy Lade and trendy Solsiden, Lademoen Park is one of my fave spots to meet up with
#49: On a Rainy Summer Day
While waiting for the Literature House’s fall program to come out, why not spend your rainy days at the public
#9: Walk along Nidelva
I am very fond of taking strolls, and I love elements of water in the summer. Therefore, a stroll along